MTV Love School Season 2 Delhi Chandigarh Auditions Who Gets Admission Karan Kundra Anusha Dandekar 6 November 2016

MTV Love School Season 2 Delhi Chandigarh Auditions Who Gets Admission Karan Kundra Anusha Dandekar 6 November 2016 :- The Love School of MTV India Channel has been opened yet again with new love professors Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar as we have seen in the first episode Delhi auditions started and all the aspiring couples came one by one for the auditions after which to the selected contestants love gurus gave them Love Lockets while all the other ones who failed to put in their problems forward were being asked to leave.


MTV Love School 2 Episode 2 Delhi Auditions Written Updates

The show begins with another couple coming to give delhi audition Karan gave Sushant challenge to get romantic they first showed them then Sushant kissed the girl in front of them on lips the problem between them was girl drinks a lot of Vodka during late night parties. Girl says that she loves him a lot but guy meets her very less thats the reason because of which she drinks. Anushka hugs the girl they get admission in love school

Next couple came Heena and Ashutosh the problem was the girl finds him on tinder in a relationship he kissed a female in party in front of her He said he has kissed one more girl Heena says my past was not good I was cheated before Anusha says you are doing your own bad she says imagine Karan as your ex and speak whatever you want she poured her anger on Karan then finally Karan says you don’t need to do that much of overacting they were caught doing drama the audition was stopped as they were fake.

Then came a gay couple Karan saluted them for their guts their names were Mohit and Rahul there were trust issues between them they have not got admission in love school.

MTV Love School 2 Episode 2 Chandigarh Auditions Written Updates

Now time came for Chandigarh Auditions.

Karan and Anusha eats a lot of Punjabi food and specially Anusha enjoyed food a lot.

First couple came Ranjana and Bhuwan girl says Hindi is her third language she complimented Anusha in Spanish Anusha asked for some grapes and asks
Ranjana to propose him in a romantic way then Bhuwan did the same then Karan Anusha showed them how to proppose by kissing each other on lips. Bhuwan says Ranjana is very dominating she makes him wait a lot Ranjana says Bhuwan wants physical relationship with her Ranjana thinks Bhuwan will cheat on her in future He says he has kissed a girl being in a relation with him Guy says he has done it in heat of a moment as we fight with each other that day Karan tells girl to express her anger by tearing things he gets angry on girl after which she cried Karan tells girl to go outside they got admission in love school.

Next couple came Karan asked the guy to give his phone he reads his messages then shows it to girl she gets shocked and cried a lot breaks his phones Girl says you are the only one I accepted as my husband then he asked the guy to leave her Karan says the guy has physical relation with many girls then she said I can’t ever stop loving him they tell her to keep self respect and leave him then Karan asks her to leave and tells her all the best for future Karan says he is not the right guy for you not because you are Muslim but because you are cheap.

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