MTV Love School Season 2 Delhi Auditions Who Gets Admission Karan Kundra Anusha Dandekar 5 November 2016

MTV Love School Season 2 Delhi Auditions Who Gets Admission Karan Kundra Anusha Dandekar 5 November 2016 :- The school of love is about to open once again yes we are talking about MTV Love School Season 2 where lessons of romance will be given this time by Love Professors Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar as we know that in previous season winners were Tushar and Karishma so now it will be interesting to see which couple will survive this 23 days long journey and will emerge as the most genuine couple among all the contestants.


MTV Love School 2 Episode 1 Delhi Auditions Written Updates

The shows starts with Love Professors Karan and Anusha welcoming everyone to the season 2 of MTV Love School they say that there are problems in every relationship and we are here to sort them out in this Love School after which show starts with Delhi auditions.

All the aspirant couples were seen filling their forms Anchor Ayesha introduces the format

Then finally time came for the interviews both Karan and Anusha sit in PI room

First couple Jacqueline Splitsvilla 7 copnmtestant and her boyfriend

The problem between them is that Jacqueline is extra possesive girl as any girl talks to her boyfriend Jacqueline abuses her and beats her she also doubts on him a lot Karan asked the guy for his phones he opens it there were a lot of dating apps installed on it he was also flirting a lot on Whatsapp actually he was flirting with many girls at the same time The guy says I accept my mistake Anusha tells Jacqueline to express herself why are you tolerating all this

Then Karan calls one of his girlfriend Jyoti she says he doesn’t tell me he is having a girlfriend he says he is single then he disconnects the call

After all this finally Karan and Anusha gave them both a reality check and they got admission in Love School selected

Next couple came with a lovely dog and names were Tasha and Khemraj girl was foreigner as she is Russian while boy is a complete desi the girl was a DJ by profession and they told about their love story Tasha did a lot of funny things telling difference between Russian and Desi boys

Then they tell about problems the guy says but then just stopped he failed to tell the problems there was communication issues between them both the girl says I believe in some magic thats why I have chosen this guy the guy has not committed yet to the girl as he wants to achieve something first there were expression issues and committments issues between them

Anusha and Karan both call Pandit and asked them to put Varmala around each other neck Pandit starting reading mantras they put Varmalas Karan asked the guy for the phone and clicked a picture and says I want to sent this to your father guy gets scared too much they get admission in love school finally

Anusha and Karan had romance with each other they kissed each other and true love was quite evident among them

After that next couple came Sakshi Khanna and Imran Khan girl was very much dominating she says Imran to sit on that chair and he obliges Sakshi says Imran lies a lot and he proposed her within 2 days She says Imran can’t tolerate me talking to any man Imran says we love each other a lot and the only problem between us is religion

Karan says there is not only religion issue between both of you as there are other issue as well then Karan gave Imran a device he has to press the buzzer when he doesn’t get the chance to talk then some true colors about Imran revealed Karan scrataches his hair Imran uses to abuse her and insult her a lot

Anusha said to Sakshi break up with him now because in any relation anything can happen but no physical and verbal abuse they have not got admission in love school

Karan says relationship doesn’t give you right to slap anyone

Next couple Rohit and Ananya guy came lifting her in his lap guy says girl uses Tinder a lot Ananya says Rohit meet her very less the fact was that both of them even doesn’t stay too far from each other they say that there relationship is only sustained to social media

Ananya says by mistake sometimes we meet each other too they laugh they also had fun with each other on phone Karan gets bit ashamed there relationship was only about two phones they got admission in love school

Next couple came Sheraz Khan and Kanchan Arora their families were not ok with their relationships Sheraz says that I told her before relationship that I can’t fight with my family. Kanchan says that I am ok if he marries with any other girl I still want to stay with him Anusha says what!

Kanchan says I still want to be in relation with him after marriage Anusha says you are the most idiotic women I have ever seen in my life Anusha says will you be his mistress yes or no girl says I am ok with whatever he do Karan gets too much angry and shouts at Sheraz Anusha tells both girl and guy to get out of this room as you bring shame. After that Anusha cried a lot and Karan calms her down.

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