Feb 19, 2020

MTV India’s Next Top Model Season 4 Episode 4 Girls Makeover, Midair Ramp Walk Eliminations INTM 27 October 2018

MTV India’s Next Top Model Season 4 Episode 4 Girls Makeover, Midair Ramp Walk Eliminations INTM 27 October 2018 :- The episode starts with all the girls have an issue with Aasma due to her bad attitude then Malaika message came and its makeover time for the girls. Top makeup artist Daniel Bauer came to give a new look to all the girls. All the girls got scared as they were about to lose their hair some were just started crying as their hair matters to them a lot.

Daniel was about to give a Boycut to Kat Kristian but she refused later Anusha Dandekar came to handle the situation and finally they decided not to give her a short hair look. Makeover session goes on. Finally when it ended most of the girls got happy with their new look.

Aasma was very upset that her parents will not allow her back to home if her hair got cut VJ Anusha tries to handle the situation and finally Aasma agrees. After that other girls make fun of Aasma but she has not got effected by that at all. Girls got another surprise as they will get to do a video call with their families. They got very happy after talking to their families.

Next morning Malaika mail came girls checked out of the window and their were two Cranes outside some got worried as they have fear of height. Urvi teaches Kat Kristan ramp walk. Girls did makeup for their next photoshoot. Its a mid air runway walk on a 40 ft height.

The runway walk begins Malaica went first and she gave a very disappointing performance after that Rushali went and she gave an awesome performance everyone clapped for her. Up next went Urvi she did good but at one point she fell on the ramp. Shalu turn came and she gave a bad performance.

Nisha went next and she also failed. Tamanna goes next and she did bad. Riya goes up and fell down a lot of times.
Now the turn of wildcard Kat came and she gave the best performance among all the girls. Aasma turn came and she gave an average performance.

Then time came for the results and today one girl is going to be Eliminated :

Malaika Arora announces the results :

  • Aasma Qureshi – Safe
  • Kat Kristian – Best Photograph
  • Malaica Kokane – Safe
  • Nisha Yadav – Safe
  • Riya Bhattacherjee – Safe
  • Rushali Yadav – Safe
  • Shalu Ojha – Eliminated
  • Tamanna Sharma – Safe
  • Urvi Shetty – Safe

Shalu Ojha Eliminated From INDIA’S NEXT TOP MODEL SEASON 4

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