MTV Girls On Top 1st Episode 7 March 2016 Written Updates Star Cast Wiki & Full Details

MTV Girls On Top 1st Episode 7 March 2016 Written Updates Star Cast Wiki & Full Details :- After being promoted on a large scale the much anticipated MTV India channel newest women-centric show ‘Girls On Top’ has finally started as its first episode was aired this Monday on 7 March 2016 and it is the story of three girls from different cities across India who came to Mumbai city to achieve their dreams but will they succeed or not to find out you have to watch the show.


Girls On TOP TV Show Wiki

MTV Girls ON TOP is produced by BBC Worldwide Productions India.This Tv Show is telecasting from Monday to Friday on MTV India Channel. Viewers will get to see three young women—TV producer Isha (played by Saloni Chopra), tabloid journalist Gia (played by Barkha Singh), and DJ Revati (played by Ayesha Adlakha)—as they make their way through life in a ruthless city like Mumbai and how they grow stronger together as they face one difficult circumstance after another.There will be a romantic angle that will be explored in the show.

Girls On Top TV Show Cast

Saloni Chopra – Isha Jai Singh

Barkha Singh – Gia Sen

Ayesha Adlakha – Revati Chauhan

The first episode of MTV Girls On Top titled Beginning starts with the narration from a female telling about the city of Mumbai where there is pollution, noise and traffic but everyone has a dream of their own.

Then the introduction of three girls begins :

1. Isha Jai Singh – The youngest show producer of BMG Entertainment as she got that position within three years and she is the most sorted out of all the 3 girls

2. Gia Sen – A print journalist in Mumbai Masala Newspaper but she has a dream of becoming a broadcast journalist as she wants to write on live events and she wants to write a novel of her own. Her parents got divorced as they were professors from Kolkata Shanti Niketan.

3. Revati Chauhan – A girl from Dehradun with a passion of becoming the most popular DJ as she plays sometimes in her types of parties and sometimes in society favourite parties and she wants to win at international DJing competition which happens at Amsterdam.

Isha prepares breakfast as Gia getting ready for work and Gia appreciates the breakfast she had prepared for her and then Revati arrives from sleep Gia and Rev had an argument but it sorted out soon. They say that one day they will be girls on top.

No one out of them has a boyfriend and Isha went to work and her junior ‘Uday Shetty’ had an argument with her and alleges her of sleeping with her boss for the sake of promotions and she says that you have a misconception as girls can do anything and achieve better.

The show judge Ratna Shetty went away Isha follows her and she pranked her by calling Mumbai Masala and talking to Gia after which Ratna Shetty came on the sets to judge as her reputation is at stake after which she taunts Uday Chadda her junior who was smiling.

Diana mam calls Gia and she insulted her with sarcasm after which she fired her as she says that this newspaper is not right for her. Gia agrees to write on Celebrities Gossips. Diana asks her to come with a breaking news of top heroine Ayesha Kapoor within 24 hours

Revati comes to meet one of his client Mr Shah as she has to play DJ for a marriage but the guy was staring at girls legs who are wearing shorts. Revate trolled him and everyone appreciated her.

Then musician Sahir gets introduced and he was playing at a party everyone listenting to him and praised his beautiful singing and guitar tunes. Isha comes and apologizes Sahil for getting late by hinting at him. Someone talking on phone and saying that a bad singer was singing Sahil didn’t liked it and starts beating him and Gia tries to stop him.

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