Mika Singh on India’s Best Dramebaaz 2 IBD 2016 Grand Finale Performances Written Details 5 March 2016

Mika Singh on India’s Best Dramebaaz 2 IBD 2016 Grand Finale Performances Written Details 5 March 2016 :- The announcement of India’s Best Dramebaaz season 2 winner is just 24 hours away with only 6 contestants left in the show and out of them only one little kid will win the trophy. But before that in tonights episode of the show a lot of wonderful acts have happened also a special guest appearance by India’s most talented pop singer about which we will discuss in this article further.


The first act of the episode was being given by Jaskaran Narula and Tamanna Dipak as they both came dancing on song Afghan Jalebi and act as a girlfriend boyfriend who have a 5 year long relationship which is not going well and after that they finally got seperated from each other.


Finally the girl finds another guy and proposes him to marry her and he agrees


After their act Punjabi pop singer Mika Singh came as a special guests singing Jumme Ki Raat song and everyone welcomed him after which he accompanied the judges.

Then comes the second performers of the day as Parth Mehta and Vansh Maheshwari came as a Jija and Saala and this Saala makes his Jija’s life a living hell. Their act was too funny and they received a lot of appreciation for that.

Up next was the best act of tonights episode of India’s Best Dramebaaz season 2 as Swasti Nitya and Kartikey Malvika recreated the famous Mahabharat Abhimanyu Vadh sequence and everyone cried seeing their act out of emotions. They got too much of applause for their brilliant performance.

After that Mika Singh leaves and then came Kapil Sharma and the finale episode of India’s Best Dramebaaz season 2 will continue tomorrow.

Stay tuned with us for more updates on India’s Best Dramebaaz season 2

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