Mandana Karimi in Secret Room of Bigg Boss 9 Pics & Full Details

Mandana Karimi in Secret Room of Bigg Boss 9 Pics & Full Details :- As we earlier told you all that the drama queen of BB9 Mandana Karimi is going to leave the house well the news is that it has already happened but there is nothing to worry for her fans and she has been kept inside a secret room of Bigg Boss where she will keep 24/7 surveillance on the other housemates for next few days after which she will return to the house.

After the end of this week’s luxury budget task ‘Shararati Bachen’ Bigg Boss asked suprivisor Rimi to give the name of the worst performer and she insisted to give her name but Bigg Boss told her that she has to give a name from the two teams. Later Rimi takes Mandana’s name and Bigg Boss asked her to pack her bags and get ready to leave the house immediately.

Hearing this all the other housemates gets shocked on the other side Mandana was appearing happy. Kishwar and Rochelle cried a lot after her exit from Bigg Boss 9 house.

But the catch is that she was been taken to the secret room and all the other housemates are absolutely unaware about that.

Mandana Karimi in Bigg Boss 9 Secret Room Photos & Images



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