Lana Thanked Her Doubters & Haters After Split with Rusev

Well known WWE Diva turned manager Lana who has recently made a lot on buzz because of her sudden break up with heavyweight wrestler Rusev which happened on previous week at RAW on 18th May 2015 has thanked all her doubters & haters on social networking site Twitter as according to her their criticism has helped her a lot in becoming better despite of what circumstances she was going through. She further said that she was proud to be herself as it seems that she is a completely changed person now.


This is the tweet of Lana that she posted on Friday, “The doubters & haters.Thank you.It made me work harder & count my blessings regardless of my circumstances. Proud 2b me.: Apart from that she also uploaded a photo of herself in which she can be seen kicking a punching bag donning the attire of a in ring fighter. So is this means that we will get to see her competing in the Divas division in the coming weeks of RAW well we just need to wait and watch.

On last week RAW Lana has caught just about everyone by surprise after she stepped into the ring when superstar Dolph Ziggler was confronting the WWE audience and all of a sudden she greeted him with a kiss of love. Seeing this public asked them to repeat the same again and they did it once more. After which Rusev entered the ring with too much of anger hitting Dolph but Lana slapped him. So it seems that we will get to see a big love triangle in the coming weeks of RAW.

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