Kundali Bhagya 20 Sept 2019 Episode Written Updates Preeta Returns Home

Kundali Bhagya 20 Sept 2019 Episode Written Updates Preeta Returns Home :- The episode starts with Biji telling Srishti to make tea for her Janki and Sarla also asks her for the same Srishti agrees when she gets up she saw Preeta on the door. Srishti brings Preeta in and everyone gets shocked. Sarla says bring water for her while Srishti thinks Prithvi has done something. At Luthra house, Myra was seeing Karan pics in the album Kritika came there saw her seeing the pics and asks her does she have romantic feelings for Karan Myra says ofcourse not.

Back at Arora house Srishti asks Preeta to tell what haappened she stays quiet Sarla makes a call to Karan. Sameer saw Karan on the road alone and stops the car. Back to Arora house, Srishti again says I know its Prithvi wrong doing Preeta replied no Prithvi has not done anything its Karan’s fault. Preeta says he lied to me as he doesn’t love me he hates me. Sarla tells Srishti to take Preeta inside. Both Sarla and Biji cried.

Back on the road Sameer asks Karan where is Preeta and why are you alone here Karan replied I dropped her on the road. Sameer says you’ve done wrong she is Luthra family bahu and my Bhabhi Karan says no. Karan says today I made her family cry like she made my family cry. I took my revenge Karan tells Sameer to drive car and went back to home with him.

Back to Arora house Preeta was crying with Srishti. Biji came there Preeta says Dadi this is the shorterst Vidaai of a girl ever she went one moment and came back the second. Preeta asks Biji where is Sarla to which Biji replied I don’t know where she went. Sarla goes to Luthra house Sherlyn opens the door and says why you came here I will call guards and throw you out. Sarla screams for Karan. Kareena and Rakhi came Kareena says why you came here seems like Karan has showed you your class. Sherlyn thinks it looks like Karan has not let Preeta and Prithvi get married thats why Sarla is so angry.

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