Jun 1, 2020

Kundali Bhagya 19 Sept 2019 Episode Written Updates Karan Leaves Preeta on Road

Kundali Bhagya 19 Sept 2019 Episode Written Updates Karan Leaves Preeta on Road :- The episode starts with Prithvi at Arora house having a fight with Gappu Mama and Janki after which everyone beats him. Prithvi says I am here just for Preeta to which Sameer replied both Preeta and Karan love each other thats why they are together today. Srishti tells Prithvi to leave otherwise I will call the police then Prithvi leaves.

In the middle of the road Karan tells Preeta you destroyed my brother Rishabh life as he married Sherlyn also my father is in coma right now just because of your so called Prithvi. Now I have destroyed your Kundali and your Bhagya. You don’t belong to your mother house neither your in-laws house. Karan leaves after stopping the car a few time Preeta cries.

Sarla asks everyone at Arora house what happened Gappu Mama tried to make some excuse but Janki told the truth that Prithvi came here. Sarla says I will call the police Biji stops her then Sarla says I wanted Prithvi for Preeta but all of you wanted Karan.

Sameer and Srishti had a romantic moment between them as Sameer tells her soon second vidaai from this house will happen. Srishti tells him to keep coming and give a lot of love to Preeta. On the road Preeta was crying thinking about what Karan said to her. Karan stops the car takes off coat then he drinks and says Preeta you are my wife now but I will never give you any wife rights then cries.

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