Mar 30, 2020

Kundali Bhagya 18 Sept 2019 Episode Written Updates Karan tells Preeta Truth

Kundali Bhagya 18 Sept 2019 Episode Written Updates Karan tells Preeta Truth :- The epsode starts with Prithvi saying on road even you’re on my hitlist now Preeta as you supported that gilli danda player in front of me. I won’t forgive you. Back in the car Preeta was thinking what kind of a strange feeling is this as I am getting shy seeing Karan’s face. Karan thinks Preeta the feelings I have for you which I feel now is the right time to tell you all that.

Back at the Arora house Srishti and Biji were having a funny conversation and Janki came there she says that Prithvi locked her in the cupboard to which Biji replied saying that because he was afraid that Karan will take Preeta away. Srishti says but still Villain lost and Hero won.

Sarla came and she was getting getting emotional as Preeta was gone. Biji tried to calm her down. Sarla says still I am happy because everyone is happy also Preeta is happy. I am still thinking is this marriage right to which Srishti responds saying that thank God Preeta married Karan and not Prithvi. Srishti says that Preeta went to her 2nd home.

In the middle of the road Karan stops the car and tells Preeta to step down saying that I want to talk to you as I want to share my true heart feelings. Karan comes out and takes Preeta out of the car. Preeta says I know what you want to say Karan responds no you know nothing. Preeta says I know that you love me Karan says no I hate you hearing which Preeta gets shocked.

Karan says I married you because I want to take revenge Preeta says you’re joking. Karan says I don’t forget anything you destroyed my brother’s life as he married Sherlyn. Karan further says that my father is in coma because of Prithvi and you saved him. Preeta says you still think I am responsible for all this then how can you say that you love me to which Karan responds that I don’t love you get out of your dream world.

Preeta gets very much shocked hearing all this Karan says I lied in the mandap the truth is I hate you. Preeta says this is a joke Karan screams this is not a joke. I married you because I want to break all your dreams and I broke your heart and I broke you. Preeta starts crying saying marriage is not a joke Karan says don’t touch me. Karan says I can’t love a girl who took all the happiness of my family I can only take revenge from her. He says I changed your life forever.

Prithvi comes at Arora house in drunk state everyone gets shocked. He asks where is Preeta Biji says she went to her in-laws house. Prithvi says Preeta can’t go anywhere leaving me I love her and I will take her away from here today. Prithvi says you all are enemies of my love life and the first one is Sameer because you brought Karan in mandap then he says Janki budhiya because you helped Karan in marrying Preeta. Next is loudmouth Srishti because you also wanted Preeta to marry Karan. Prithvi says now I will show you what I can do.

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