Kundali Bhagya 17 Sept 2019 Episode Written Updates Preeta Vidaai Happened

Kundali Bhagya 17 Sept 2019 Episode Written Updates Preeta Vidaai Happened :- The episode starts with all the relatives telling Prithvi mother that her son has got insulted. Relatives says that Preeta is lucky to have a famous and caring husband like Karan Luthra. Prithvi was hearing all this in the other room he gets angry comes out and throws the relatives out of the house saying Preeta is his and he is a devil.

Srishti was happy as she was expressing her happiness in front of Sameer. Srishti gets angry with Sameer when he tells her that he knew everything before as Karan has taken promise from him not to tell anyone. Srishti starts hitting Sameer and Sarla tells her to bring Preeta out for the Vidaai.

Sameer asks Janki for some help. Preeta and Karan comes out for Vidaai. Sarla gives her rice to throw behind her during Vidaai as ritual. Sameer decorated car with flowers. Preeta Vidaai happened as she throws rice behind her. Sarla gets emotional and tells Karan to take care of her. Karan and Preeta leaves Arora house.

At Prithvi house Prithvi was sitting alone playing with lighter his mother came and tells him how can you let a good girl like Preeta go. Prithvi gets more angry and leaves. In the car Karan and Preeta were going to the Luthra house and Preeta had romantic memories about Karan.

On the road Prithvi was drinking in a sad mood he thinks how Karan challenged him and got Preeta. In drunk state Prithvi saw Karan and whole Arora family laughing at him. Prithvi screams and everyone disappears then Prithvi thinks he needs his baby today and calls Sherlyn.

Prithvi calls Sherlyn he says I need you today baby but Sherlyn congratulates him and says today she is very happy as she got rid of him. Prithvi disconnects phone and screams Sherlyn calls him back but Prithvi doesn’t pick up the phone.

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