Jan 27, 2020

Kundali Bhagya 16 Oct 2019 Episode Written Updates Preeta Keeps Fast for Karan

Kundali Bhagya 16 Oct 2019 Episode Written Updates Preeta Keeps Fast for Karan :- The episode starts with Sarla helping Srishti in dressing while behind her back Preeta throws all the food in the drawer. Preeta feels bad and says sorry maa alone. Karan was walking on the road and two girls asked him for selfies he took selfies with them. Then both girls asked for his autograph Karan gave them autographs on their arms. Girls asked him for more selfies Karan says no then he apologized to them saying he is disturbed.

Karan in his car thinks why he is talking with strangers about Preeta even she is not near him. Baani tells a funny story to Sherlyn, Myra and Kritika about his Karvachauth fight with her husband. Myra was about to drink water then she stopped Sherlyn got suspicious seeing her. Sarla brings empty plates and says Preeta has eaten food seeing this both Biji and Janki gets sad.

Srishti thinks what is happening here Preeta came their and tells Biji that food was very nice and now she is getting a lot of burps due to it as she has eaten a lot. Srishti puts water in glass for Preeta. Preeta makes drama that her phone is ringing Sarla puts some water in her mouth Preeta ran to room and spills water out of her mouth. Preeta apologized to God and her mother sitting alone.

Back at Luthra house Sherlyn was hungry and she was finding food in the kitchen then Sherlyn thinks that if she eats then baby will die so she will not eat anything. Preeta searches for the rituals of Karvachauth on the internet then she finds out that Karan has to break her fast. Preeta thinks she needs to call Karan. Rishabh tells Karan that no matter how much wives fight with husbands they keep fast for husbands. Preeta thinks that she will break her fast by the hands of Karan but will not let him know.

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