Kundali Bhagya 14 Jan 2020 Episode Written Updates Karan Gifts Dupatta’s to Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 14 Jan 2020 Episode Written Updates Karan Gifts Dupatta’s to Preeta :- The episode starts with Preeta coming to store room and it was dark inside. Karan came with lighter then Preeta says thanks. Karan asks Preeta about Dadi’s condition and she says its alright. Both of them shared a romantic moment. While getting the first aid box Preeta came too close to Karan then Karan says thank you. Preeta says for what then Karan says for coming. Preeta says I have come here because I am a doctor and had to fulfill my duty. Karan grabs her hand says I know you listened to your heart and came here. Preeta says leave my hand then Karan says why are you so kind. Preeta says I don’t know maybe its in my Bhagya otherwise I got angry too. Karan says I am hearing that you are getting attracted to me and then Preeta leaves. Karan says I have to tell her that I wanted to say something else then he follows her.

Dadi says that Preeta is a very good doctor and after her treatment I am feeling well. Mahira and Sherlyn were also there then Mahira thinks that now even Dadi starts liking Preeta then she thinks where is Karan and Preeta. Preeta is the corridor says that why was Karan saying that I have a kind heart. Was he sarcastic then Karan came. Karan puts his feet on Preeta’s dupatta and it gets torn. Mahira and Sherlyn were watching this and then Sherlyn provokes Mahira. Mahira says why I am seeing them together again and again. Then Karan leaves saying I wanted to say something and said something else.

Preeta hugs Dadi and Dadi apologizes to her saying I did a lot of wrong to you forgive me. Kareena leaves from there in anger. Dadi says I know that you came you will treat me well. Karan and Rishabh were watching Preeta taking care of Dadi’s feet. Karan leaves from there and Rishabh follows him. Karan says I don’t want to talk to you then Rishabh says yes I want to talk to you. Rishabh tells Karan how Preeta takes care of everyone and he hugs Karan. Mahira saw this and leaves from there.

Mahira was crying and Kareena says what happened. Mahira tells Kareena about what Preeta told her during mehandi function. Kareena says to Mahira that Karan is being nice to her because Preeta is treating Dadi. Then Mahira says Preeta can go to any extent. Kareena says I will fulfill my promise and get you married to Karan. Sherlyn was hearing their conversation. Preeta was about to leave Rishabh says that I will drop you as its too late. Preeta says no I will go on my own. Karan says no need to go alone as Karan Luthra himself will drop you. Rakhi tells Preeta to go with him.

Preeta and Karan were in the car together going to Arora house. Both of them were quiet and thinking about good and bad moments they spent with each other. Karan stops the car and Preeta says what happened then she says ok we’ve reached. Preeta says I thought you said something then she says bye. Karan thinks that should I give that to her as I don’t know what she will think but its for her ok I will give her. Karan calls Preeta and she stops then Karan gifts her 5 Dupattas. Preeta says these are 5 but you torn only 4 then Karan says 5th one torn today. I was waiting for the day. Preeta says your maths is too good then he says because I am the Karan Luthra. Mahira was watching all this from far sitting in her car.

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