May 28, 2020

Kundali Bhagya 13 Jan 2020 Episode Written Updates Preeta Falls in Karan’s Arms

Kundali Bhagya 13 Jan 2020 Episode Written Updates Preeta Falls in Karan’s Arms :- The episode starts with Sarla telling Preeta to go then Preeta leaves for Luthra house. Mahira tells Sherlyn that I want whole Luthra family to love me and not Preeta. Sherlyn gives Mahira an example with a glass filled with water. Sherlyn says the glass in Luthra’s and water is Preeta then she throws the water. Sherlyn says Preeta has to die. In Dadi’s bedroom everyone was waiting for Preeta. Kareena says if she cared for mummy ji then she would’ve arrived till now. Rishabh says she might got stuck somewhere I will bring her. Karan says you don’t go I will bring her. Dadi tells Kareena not to insult Preeta when she comes here.

Karan was going to bring Preeta. Preeta was coming and she got bumped to Karan then falls in his arms. Both Karan and Preeta got lost into each others eyes. Mahira saw all this. Sherlyn came and thinks that Mahira saw the live picture now I don’t even need to provoke her. Karan and Preeta had a funny argument which ends with Karan calling Preeta karvi kareli. Mahira starts crying and she saw Sherlyn behind her then Sherlyn puts her hand on Mahira’s shoulder and leaves.

Sammy and Srishti were eating ice cream then Sammy asks Srishti that now tell she says what Sammy says that I am not Fattu. Srishti says mom is behind you. Sammy got scared but it was a prank by Srishti. Sammy then saw Janki and Sarla coming. Sammy says Srishti you mom is behind you. Srishti says you’re playing my prank with me. Sammy hides behind a cart then Srishti hears Janki and Sarla. Srishti too hides behind the cart.

Sarla and Janki came to buy vegetables from the exact same cart. Srishti asks Sammy to stand up. Sammy stood up then Sarla says show your face. Sammy says I can’t show you my face as today is my fast. Sarla says ok then we buy vegetables on our own. Real owner of cart came and he saw Sammy thinking that he is robbing him. At Luthra house, Kareena says that we should call some other doctor but then Preeta came. Preeta treats Dadi then she asks for the first aid box. Rakhi says its in store. Preeta says ok I will bring it. Rishabh says thanks to Preeta for coming. Preeta says its ok.

Sammy gives money to the real owner and tells him to save him. Real owner sells the vegetables while Sammy and Srishti were hiding. Sarla’s purse fell down. Janki picks up the purse then she saw Sammy and Srishti. Both of them hinted at Janki to save them. Janki takes Sarla from there. Sammy and Srishti gets happy and relaxed. Preeta calls Srishti and tells her that she is in Luthra house as Dadi fell from stairs. Preeta was going to the store room and Karan follows her. Srishti tells this good news to Sammy then he says that now everything will get alright. Srishti says I wish and I pray for it.

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