Feb 23, 2020

Kundali Bhagya 11 Jan 2020 Episode Written Updates Mahira asks Sherlyn for Help

Kundali Bhagya 11 Jan 2020 Episode Written Updates Mahira asks Sherlyn for Help :- The episode begins with everyone in Luthra family getting shocked seeing Dadi falling from the stairs. Rakhi tells Sherlyn to bring first aid box and hot water bag for Dadi. Mahira thinks how did Bani fall from stairs then she checks and saw oil there then Mahira checks the vase and finds the oil bottle inside then she remembers that Sherlyn was pouring the oil there. Sherlyn whie finding the first aid box says that her plan failed as she wanted to hurt Rakhi then Mahira came and says but Dadi fell. Sherlyn gts shocked. Sherlyn tries to act like innocent but Mahira says I saw you pouring oil on the stairs.

Mahira asks Sherlyn that seems lke you are involved with Preeta because you wanted Rakhi gets hurt and my marriage with Karan cannot happen. Sherlyn says are you mad only I want here that your marriage happens with Karan then she says that I hate Preeta in this world the most. I wanted to hurt Rakhi because she insulted me when I talked bad about Preeta. Mahira says what you have done today is beyond humanity and I will tell everyone what you have done after which I will get in good books of Rakhi.

Sherlyn says Mahira are you crazy even God cannot make Rakhi hate Preeta but only one person can make and that is Preeta herself. I will tell you what to do as only I will support you but you have to promise me that you will not tell anybody about this. Mahira says you are a pathetic woman and I am not like you so I am going to tell everyone about this. Rishabh and Karan brought Dadi to the room. Then Rishabh calls the doctor but he was not in India then he says his assitant Ravi can come. Dadi says no I don’t want Ravi then Rishabh says should I call Preeta Ji.

Dadi says Will she come then Karan says sure. Mahira was there getting angry. Karan calls Preeta but Sarla was near her Preeta picks phone and Karan tells her to come as Dadi fell from stairs Preeta says ok I will come. Preeta tells Sarla that I need to go to Luthra house as Dadi fell from stairs. Sarla says they are pathetic people as so much has happened but still they are calling you. Sarla tells Preeta you will not go there.

Sammy was waiting for Srishti then she came in the Auto then Srishti sits in his car. Srisshti mocks Sammy a bit then they both talked about Karan and Preeta as how everything is getting normal between them. Srishti says I pray that everything between them will get alright soon. At Luthra house everyone was waiting for Preeta then Mahira says I will call another doctor just in case Preeta gets late. Mahira says we don’t need her then Karan says no I need her I mean Dadi needs her. Rishabh says that Karan means to say for Dadi’s treatment he needs Preeta.

Rakhi tells Mahira that I know you felt bad then she says don’t say anything bad against mummy ji otherwise both my sons feel bad. Preeta pleads to Sarla to let her go to Luthra house for Dadi treatment. Sarla says whenever you go there they insult you and I can’t see you in pain so you will not go there. Mahira comes crying in kitchen thinking about what Karan and Rakhi told her. Sherlyn came there and she offers her water then Mahira asks Sherlyn for help against Preeta.

Preeta reminds Sarla about the Hippocratic Oath she took when becoming a doctor. She says that I promise you I will not go there as Preeta Arora but as Dr Preeta. Sarla says ok then promise me that you will go there only as a doctor and you will come back when your work is done. If they tried to insult you then you will come back immediately without finishing your work. Preeta agrees then she says but Maa you haven’t told me to go.

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