Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler Alert: Pragya Failed to Expose Tanu Again Dr. Sheela Lied

Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler Alert: Pragya Failed to Expose Tanu Again Dr. Sheela Lied :- From the past week days promos of Kumkum Bhagya are continuously being aired that Pragya will expose Tanu through DNA reports and Abhi will get shocked knowing all this seeing which viewers of the show got very much excited that their one year long wait and wish to END TANU TRACK will get fulfilled soon but will this actually happen we will give you all the details regarding this in the article further.


As we have watched that Pragya has already got the DNA reports of Tanu and Abhi from her friend Dr. Sheela in which results came negative and she will now be seen showing it to Abhi saying that the child doesn’t belong to Mehra family. But Tanu has a counterplan in store for her as she will show fake DNA Reports to Abhi in which the results are positive.

Tanu then says that Pragya is showing fake reports then Dadi says lets call the doctor who made the reports hearing which Tanu pretends to fall unconscious and Nikhil gets tensed seeing her condition. Abhi gets suspicious that why Nikhil is caring too much about Tanu and tries to investigate.

Purab came with doctor Sheela and she says that Tanu’s reports are original as
Pragya has shown fake reports she bribed her hearing which Pragya gets shocked. Actually it turns out that Tanu & Nikhil threatens Dr Sheela that they will kill her daughter Pari if she reveal the truth in front of Abhi. Pragya fails again and cries.

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