Kumkum Bhagya Episode 8 March 2016 Written Updates Abhi Agrees For Concert Alia Saves Sarla

Kumkum Bhagya Episode 8 March 2016 Written Updates Abhi Agrees For Concert Alia Saves Sarla :- Fans of Kumkum Bhagya TV serial are eagely waiting for Tanu expose but the creatives are dragging the track too much which is disappointing them but it appears that the good days are very near as Abhi is about to do a rock concert where a lot of revelations will be made and we will tell you about all that in this article further.


The episode starts with Pragya telling Dadi that Abhi is blackmailing her for divorce otherwise he will not do the concert on the other hand Purab calls Akash for the preparations of the show but he refused but later on Raj bhaiya request he agrees as the concert needs to be a hit.

Dadi comes in Abhi’s room with sweets in a happy mood praising him as he is going to sing soon in a concert but he told her that he puta a condition in front of Pragya that he will do the concert only if she gives her divorce but Dadi tells her that he needs to do the concert otherwise his fans will get disappointed but if he does than they will do protests in support of him and Pragya will give him divorce then. Abhi praises Dadi and says now he will do the concert.

Alia at her out house thinks that she can’t trust Tanu to get successful in her plan as even she had a lot of problems but she needs to enter Mehra Mansion somehow to get the details of the rock concert.

Out of excitement Abhi tells Pragya that now he will do the concert and will perform for his fans. Pragya gets suspicious as according to her Abhi has something else in mind.

Pragya comes to Dadi room and asks her that why Abhi agrees to do the concert but Dadi was looking quite tensed as she made a mistake while convincing Abhi and this may cost Pragya big time but she says that he will make it up and will do something to make everything alright.

Rachna leaves Sarla Maa near the stairs Tanu pushes wheelchair but Alia saves her by applying force. Abhi sees all this and was about to slap Alia but Pragya stops him. Abhi says that she is only doing drama as he is very well aware about her intentions.

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