Apr 3, 2020

Kumkum Bhagya 9 Sept 2019 Episode Written Updates Abhi Catches Smuggler Goon

Kumkum Bhagya 9 Sept 2019 Episode Written Updates Abhi Catches Smuggler Goon :- The episode starts with Aryan and Sarita Behn coming beating the goons while Abhi and Pragya holding the chandelier threads. Goons escaped Abhi ran behind them while Security guards holds the thread. Sarita behn fell down Pragya took her to hospital promising to Swarni Dadi that she will come to meet her. Alia went to call the police. Abhi was chasing both the goons they split ways and one goon came in front of the boss car he told the goon to surrender and he finally surrendered in front of police. Goon said he did it to become famous police took him away.

Abhi thanked goon boss without knowing he was their boss he is actually Abhi friend he offered to drop him Abhi accepts. Purab and Pragya admitted Sarita Behn to the hospital where Pragya finds out that Aryan is Alia and Purab son she gets shocked hearing this. Pragya tells him to go and see Aryan. Purab gets confirmation from Pragya that she is still single. She tells him not to tell anyone about it.

Sarita behn grandson Rishi came to see her. Alia and Meera finds from Vikram that one goon got caught and they came just to spoil the function. Vikram made announcement from mic and calms everyone down. Ranbir and Rhea were worried roaming in the room as Ranbir proposed Rhea in front of Prachi. Ranbir gave an idea to Rhea and tells her to praise him in front of Prachi.

Aryan came in room and tells Rhea and Ranbir about what happened downstairs. Rhea calls Pragya and gets emotional tells her to take care of herself. Pragya thinks that she should tell Prachi everything about Abhi. Shahana and Prachi had a funny argument over Ranbir. Rhea friends came to meet her. Prachi came and tells Rhea that she wants to talk about something important to her.

Sarita Behn gets emotional seeing Rishi she tells him to get her discharged asap. Sarita Behn calls Abhi but there was no network in hospital. Smuggler boss came to Mehra mansion with Abhi he meets the goon disguised as waiter he asks him about the plan the goon replied we will kidnap Rhea but boss says its a rubbish plan goon thinks he will take revenge from Rhea no matter what. Abhi asks Swarni dadi about Pragya she says that she is at City Hospital to get Sarita Ji admitted Abhi went to meet Pragya.

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