Kumkum Bhagya 9 February 2016 Written Updates Tanu Manipulates Abhi Pragya Starts Search For Sarla

Kumkum Bhagya 9 February 2016 Written Updates Tanu Manipulates Abhi Pragya Starts Search For Sarla :- In the recent episode of Zee TV’s popular daily soap Kumkum Bhagya we all have seen how Tanu’s boyfriend Nikhil kidnapped Sarla Maa thinking that she is the blackmailer and takes her to a secret place and decides to find the actual truth behind this. While on the other hand Purab, Dadi and Pragya are unaware about all this and it will be interesting to see what will happen when they find out.


Tanu cries and tells Abhi how should she marry him when he’s not divorced. She rants that she’s doing everything for the baby. Abhi apologizes. Abhi goes back to the room to see Pragya sleeping against the headboard. He repositions her but she falls on the bed.

Abhi thinks to ask Pragya about the divorce in the morning. Pragya wakes up in the morning and sees Abhi sleeping. She wonders when he came. Pragya worries about her failed plans. She feels that her dreams of reuniting with A overshadow her task of uncovering the truth.

Pragya covers Abhi with the blanket. Daadi comes to the room and takes Pragya out. Dadi asks Pragya about last night. Pragya explains everything.

Janki informs Pragya that Sarla is missing. Pragya, Purab & Daadi go to the Arora house. Janki explains about Sarla not coming home. Pragya calls Mamaji but there’s no news. Students who dropped Sarla come to invite for their marriage. They tell Pragya about Sarla.

Mitthali wakes Tanu up and says Abhi will be mad at her. Tanu says she diverted his anger to Pragya. Tanu wakes Abhi up and asks if he talked to Pragya. Abhi calls Pragya. She says she’s busy. Abhi says he’s got something more important to talk and asks her where she is. He will meet her.

Pragya tells Abhi where she is. Abhi reaches there. He tries to talk but Pragya says Sarla is missing. Abhi asks why she’s worried about Sarla. Pragya says to discuss that later. She asks the manager about Sarla. He has no information. Abhi tells Pragya they’ll inform the police.

Nikhil thinks Sarla is hiding something. He wants to know if she knows the truth about them. Sarla denies everything. Nikhil doesn’t believe Sarla & threatens her. She says she will die but won’t say anything. Nikhil asks goons not to give her water/food.

Pragya in Arora house discussing with Dadi and Purab about how Sarla was dropped at a studio. Purab figures that it’s the same studio. Purab says it’s the same studio used for blackmail. Pragya worries if Tanu & her BF kidnapped Sarla. Abhi walks in episode ends.

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