Feb 22, 2020

Kumkum Bhagya 8 Sept 2019 Ganpati Special Episode Written Updates Pragya Meets Abhi

Kumkum Bhagya 8 Sept 2019 Ganpati Special Episode Written Updates Pragya Meets Abhi :- The episode starts with Prachi telling Pragya that get ready we have to go to Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations at my boss house Masi came there says don’t ask her just tell her. At Mehra Mansion the celebration arrangements are going on in full swing. Abhi says that Jitendra Kapoor will take off cloth from Ganpati Ji face. Ayushmann Khurrana came he had a funny interaction with Abhi.

Everyone did Ganesh Aarti after which Jitendra Kapoor gave his blessings to them all. Ayushmann Khurrana and Nushrat Bharucha performed on Dhagala Lagali song from Dream Girl. Abhi prays to Ganesh Ji to make him meet Pragya today and Pragya came with Prachi. Ayushmann and Nushrat left. Pallavi ties thread on Abhi hand he says its loose but Vikram helps him. Both the Smuggler Goon were present there as well in disguise of waiters. Pragya and Masi meets Meera.

Pragya amd Masi meets Rhea she gets very happy Pragya says ask from God today whatever you want Rhea gets emotional says that she wants her mom back and her love. Pragya calms her down. Masi and Pragya went to Kitchen Pragya gave instructions to staff Goons gets tensed seeing her they called their boss Masi asks them some questions and they both gave confusing answers. Surbhi Jyoti gave a hot dance performance on O Saki Saki Re and Koka.

Pragya and Abhi chats with each other through Whatsapp. Police commissioner came says if you want to increase security then tell us there are smugglers here in the area. Goons saw commissioner got more tensed. Ankit Mohan performed on Wakhra Swag. Param Singh performed on Shehar Ki Ladki. Both Ankit Mohan and Param Singh together performed on Dhagala Lagali. Prachi and Ranbir had a romantic moment as Ranbir saves Prachi from falling and they both had a lovely eye contact.

Shahana gets happy seeing them together while Rhea gets jealous. Rhea tells Ranbir why you scold Prachi after she falls on you and then tells him to go and propose her. Rhea says I will not even say Hi to you. Shahana and Prachi and a funny argument over Ranbir. Prachi bumped to a Goon his knife fell Prachi remembers seeing the goon thinks she needs to warn Rhea.

Shamita Shetty gave a traditional dance performance. Masi calls Pragya and she warns her about the goons. Masi tells Abhi something wrong is going to happen here. Prachi warns Rhea regarding the goons that both of them are here and they have a knife. Rhea went to see the goons in the store-room. Shahana apologizes to Prachi and then she says I love you. Dhirajj Kapoor and Shraddha Arya gave a romantic dance performance together. Pragya tells Bhola Ram Ji to call all the waiters.

Rhea locks the door from outside with goons inside they jumped through window. Ranbir came in the room with lights off he accidently proposed Rhea. Prachi saw Rhea proposing Ranbir but Ranbir handled the saituation. Rithvik Dhanjani gave a dance performance on Shivam Shivam. Mitali gets happy knowing that Pragya is here she was finding Abhi asks Alia, Meera, Purab about him. Mitali tells Abhi that she saw Pragya here then Abhi says thank you Bappa. Alia hears about this and scolds Mitali. Mitali gave Alia a befitting reply.

Alia says have you ever thought about Rhea then she says pray to Bappa that Praagya never come here. Mitali says that Abhi prayed for Pragya with a clear heart and Bappa will give him Pragya. Meera says she wants to see Pragya as well. Bhola Ram calls all the waiters Pragya takes Masi out of kitchen. Abhi prays to Bappa to make him meet Pragya.

Pragya and Abhi gave a romantic dance performance on Tera Ban Jaunga and Tujhe Kitna Chahne Lage Hum. Masi went to washroom while Abhi and Purab were finding Pragya. Dipika Singh gave a dance performance on a traditional song. Abhi makes an announcement for Pragya with mic. Goons cut the thread of chandelier but Pragya holds the thread Abhi holds other thread. Goons ran away in other room Masi saw goons talking in a room.

Masi saw Aryan she tells him about the goons he saw them talking in the room. In the other room Masi and Aryan take powder throws it on them. Aryan beats goons. Abhi and Pragya got happy seeing each other.

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