Jun 4, 2020

Kumkum Bhagya 6 Nov 2018 Episode Written Updates Abhi Breaks Pragya Fast

Kumkum Bhagya 6 Nov 2018 Episode Written Updates Abhi Breaks Pragya Fast :- The episode starts with Pragya going on the roof and she saw Abhi starts thinking about what she talked with Savanri Daasi then she thinks today only Abhi will break her fast then she went to him and asks him why are you sad she says that your wife Tanu is keeping a fast for you like I am keeping for my husband he says I am your husband then brings a jug and breaks Pragya fast she gets happy.

Tanu finds moon came out then thinks both Abhi and Pragya are not here maybe they are together went to roof bumps with King and then Tanu starts to have an argument with King she asks where is Pragya he says maybe she is here somewhere Tanu starts arguing with King and Taunts him he gave her a befitting reply Tanu creates some confusion in his mind by making some allegations.

King says I knew that you know Pragya from the past now tell me the truth she thinks about what Abhi said Tanu warns him to open his eyes as soon he will get a shock King thinks what is Tanu trying to say as maybe what she is saying is a hint.

Abhi puts a ring in Pragya hand both shared a romantic eye contact he think if I tell her that I gave her new ring in place of old then she will speak a lot he says your fingers were empty thats why I put it and its cheap. Pragya thinks that it appears we never got separated from each other.

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