Kumkum Bhagya 5 Nov 2018 Episode Written Updates Abhi Gets Sad on Karva Chauth

Kumkum Bhagya 5 Nov 2018 Episode Written Updates Abhi Gets Sad on Karva Chauth :- The episode starts wih Tanu telling Abhi that she is keeping Karva Chauth fast for Abhi she says that she wants to come close to him. Tanu tells him that Pragya is keeping fast for King Singh and not for Abhi he gets furious went away bumps with King in the way King asks whats you problem Abhi says you will not understand. King says are you moody Abhi starts laughing went away.

Savarni Daadi asks Mitali as Pammi was telling her that you are angry she says yes I am angry but with Neha as she was keeping a fast for Raj. Indu Daasi asks Abhi to help Pragya and he thinks of what Tanu said to him gets sad Tanu and Alia were watching them from behind. A special guests gave them a aashirvaad Abhi went away. Pragya thinks why Abhi gets upset.

Abhi went outside and thinks about what Tanu said once again Alia asks Tanu what you told Abhi that he gets so sad she said that she showed him the mirror by telling him that Pragya is keeping a fast for King. Savarni Daadi heard their conversation tells Pragya to go with her as she wants to talk about something important.

Pragya asks Savarni Daadi to take care of yourself Savarni Daadi asks her why you are not keeping your promise that you gave to Abhi Daadi then Pragya tells her the truth that she is keeping fast for Abhi. Both Alia and Tanu tries to hear their coversation from outside. Tanu and Alia failed to hear anything Disha came there catches them Tanu says that we are finding earrings Tanu says that if Savarni Daasi wants to talk to Pragya alone that you should also not be present here Disha says sure after you.

In the room Savarni Daasi tells Pragya that Abhi gets sad because Tanu told him that you are keeping fast for King she says go and meet him on the roof. King asks where is Pragya and Indu Daasi tells him she says Pragya is keeping a fast as even if no married woman in India keeps a fast but Pragya will keep fast for sure. He says I know Pragya is keeping a fast he thinks that now he needs to do drama as well. Abhi on roof was still getting sad about Pragya and thinking about his and her love moments.

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