Kumkum Bhagya 5 February 2016 Written Updates Abhi Gets Tensed Nikhil to Kill Pragya Watchman

Kumkum Bhagya 5 February 2016 Written Updates Abhi Gets Tensed Nikhil to Kill Pragya Watchman :- In the ZEE TV’s popular daily soap Kumkum Bhagya Pragya disguises herself as a watchman in order to expose Tanu in front of Abhi and stop her from marrying him & destroying his life forever. On the other hand Abhi is waiting for Tanu with Mitali Bhabhi at the court to marry her and she has not yet come.


Mitali worries about Abhi getting mad at Tanu for not showing up for the wedding. He says he’s not going to talk to her ever. Abhi says Tanu chose wrong time for revenge. Pragya dresses up as watchman while on the way their car came near Abhi stuck in traffic jam Purab hides, Abhi sees and recognizes Pragya’s eyes. Flashbacks of the romance & tenderness in their marriage occur to both Pragya & Abhi. He wonders if failing to marry T is kismet

Pragya & Abhi think about each other & old memories. Abhi thinks he can’t start a new life with old memories. Sarlaa Maa has a guilt trip about Pragya. She says now that Pragya is back in her life she doesn’t wanna lose her. Daadi consoles Sarlaa Maa, and tells her nothing will happen. Sarlaa wishes that the two would unite for forever, so does Daadi.

Ronnie comes to the place and doesn’t recognize Pragya’s disguise in the secret location. They wait and hide for Tanu to come. Prag tells Ronnie to go. Roonie tells Pragya he will never leave. Purab gives Ronnie a secret errand, he leaves right away. Abhi looks for Tanu at home. Abhi wonders why his own always deceive him & is so upset with Tanu. He admits it took him forever to want to marry her.

Abhi says he won’t ever marry Tanu, family tries to console her but he doesn’t agree. Says she doesn’t ever care about him. Mitali asks Rachna if she saw Raj, she says she saw him go out with Akaash, nobody should disturb him. Mitali gets suspicious. Tanu comes to secret location, is scared. Prag and Purab try to bring her in to record her on camera. She goes to talk to her.

Watchman alias Pragya calls Tanu to come inside with a partner if they’re coming too. She says she has to come in in order to be saved. Tanu debates whether or not she should wait for Nikhil or just go inside and listen to watchman. Abhi gets concerned for Pragya. Abhi thinks if he sees Pragya he will take all of his anger against Tanu out on her & out of compassion doesn’t want to hurt her.

Abhi realizes she’s not here, and puts on stereo, hears recording of them reciting poem, & gets sad she’s not there. Flashbacks starts and Abhi remembers how Pragya said she would never leave him & remembers all their romantic moments together. He gets emotional.

Purab and Pragya wait for Tanu to come inside. Figure out Nikhil is behind Tanu not coming inside. Abhi calls Pragya, she decides to talk. Pragya tries to pick up the call whilst waiting for Nikhil, but Abhi ends it & tells himself Pragya doesn’t deserve his anger. Abhi tries to drink alcohol to forget about memories w Pragya, but she calls back & he picks up. He blames speed dial for call

Pragya says “wow, I’m on speed dial?” & Abhi tries to avoid topic. She irritates him to get him out of his bad mood. They have another cute argument & he tells her to not come home. She says cure to his anger he should promise to hear Santa Banta jokes, he doesn’t like her so he tries to tell her jokes. she laughs & Abhi gets happy.

Sarlaa Maa is tense, Nikhil comes with many people in a burqua. He says don’t worry I’m here, I’ll go inside to kill blackmailer. Pragya is still listening to Abhi, blackmailer tries to creep behind her as she calls Abhi back. Purab tries to warn Pragya. The episode ends with the blackmailer getting right up behind Pragya as she tries to call the poor & tense Abhi back.

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