Jun 4, 2020

Kumkum Bhagya 31 Oct 2018 Episode Written Updates Abhi & Pragya Takes off Ring

Kumkum Bhagya 31 Oct 2018 Episode Written Updates Abhi & Pragya Takes off Ring :- The episode starts with Abhi taking off the ring it fell down from his hand both went down to pick it up Pragya gets emotional she also took off her ring then they both gave rings to Tarun and Neha. They both exchanged the rings Mitali gets furious both Tanu and Alia gets happy even Chachi gets angry. Pandit Ji says that the engagement ceremony has been completed.

Mitali went to her room and breaks down starts crying she thinks why did Abhi not supported him she will will not forgive anyone. Pragya starts crying thinking about Abhi and her taking the rings off. Disha came said sorry to Pragya as she failed to support her this time she says to Pragya that she can cry now as no one is here. They both had a emotional talk.

Pragya tells to Disha she has not got effected by this at all Disha said then why you left the party she knows the truth. After that Pragya stop Disha and says that nothing can happen now. Disha says that this night will finally see a day. Tanu came and tanuts Disha as she had a victory today Disha says I don’t have time to listen to you Tanu says do whatever you want as everything is over Disha says love never gets over then she gave a befitting reply to Tanu and says she has a new hope and she will fulfill this dream for sure.

King came to confront Pragya he says he spoke to Kiara as she has fever and he advised her to drink ginger juice Pragya gets happy. Abhi got confronted by Tarun and Neha he says he doesn’t get effected by giving his ring. Disha asks Abhi the price of the ring he says very costly he says he doesn’t want to talk about it. Disha says it was not only a ring but Pragya memories Abhi says that it was important to make that engagement happen.

Disha says its upto you to make it happen she says that you will get together again she sdays go meet Pragya she is in the guest room and is very upset. Disha tells Abhi to bring the same kind of ring and give it to Pragya.

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