Kumkum Bhagya 31 December 2015 Written Updates Pragya Decides to Step Back Bulbul Regained Cosnciousness

Kumkum Bhagya 31 December 2015 Written Updates Pragya Decides to Step Back Bulbul Regained Cosnciousness :- The lead female protagonist Pragya of Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV’s famous daily soap was about to reveal the truth of her changed avatar in front of Abhi when Dadi came and catches her after which she gets shocked and takes her in other room. Pragya cries as she says that she can’t torture her husband anymore as she is herself getting hurt by this.


Dadi tells Pragya to wait for the rigtht time to comes and be strong as she needs to belueve in her love for Abhi and he will definitely accept her when truth will comein fron not of him but till that she needs to be careful as one mistake can cause her a big failure. Pragya agrees and went away.

Abhi comes in bedroom and remembers Pragya and suddenly she arrives in room he gets shocked seeing her in innocent fuggi avatar. Pragya goes into the changing room and when she came out Abnhi asks her about the changed appearance to which she replies that now she doesn’t want to talk to him as he doesn’t want sometime back. Abhi told her that he knows that she will never change again as she is a person with no heart feelings and cares only about money.

In the hospital Pragya comes along with Dadi to see the condition of Bulbul and suddenly Abhi comes there and asks her that he saw her fighting with the receptionist for the money outside. Dadi tells him to let her do whatever she wants. Pragya comes in Bulbul’s room and cries seeing her condition and suddenly door opened and Sarla arrived and told Pragya what you are doing here.

Bulbul in the meantime is about to regain consciousness and will reveal about the conspiracy behind killing Pragya made by Alia to Abhi and Purab.

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