Kumkum Bhagya 30 December 2015 Written Updates Pragya to tell Truth Abhi Ignores Fuggi

Kumkum Bhagya 30 December 2015 Written Updates Pragya to tell Truth Abhi Ignores Fuggi :- The day has finally arrived the viewers have been waiting for as Pragya is all set to tell the real truth of her mission as we have seen a dream sequence in the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya Zee TV’s popular daily soap where Praga told Abhi the whole reality behind her mission to expose Alia and Tanu after which she hugs Abhi as he accepted her. Now she will do that in actual.


Pragya changes her clothes, makeup and comes back in the old look of innocent Fuggi to tell Abhi the truth as he was all set to go to the hospital to see injured Bulbul’s condition. He was standing in the room and Pragya calls him from behind telling him that please listen to her at once as she wants to tell him something very important.

Abhi says that he doesn’t wants to know anything from a cheater like her. Pragya then says ok don’t listen but please turn at once to which Abhi replies by saying that if he does so is their any kind of magic thats gonna happen as he will not get to see her face ever again. He goes away from there.

In the hospital Abhi comes to see Bulbul and tell Sarla to not to take tension. Abhi receives a call from Tanu as she tell him to come at home and meet him as she wants to talk about something related to property papers and their marriage. Abhi arrives at home and enters Tanu’s room while Pragya was listening their conversation from outside.

Tanu tell Abhi to marry him and throw Pragya out as she doubts that Pragya may create another drama and return back as Fuggi to stay in the house. Abhi replies by saying that from now on he will not trust her in whichever look she comes.

Outside Tanu’s room Dadi catches Pragya in innocent Fuggi look and gets shocked after which she says what is this and Pragya replies that she cannot take this pain anymore to torture her husband like that.

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