Apr 3, 2020

Kumkum Bhagya 3 Sept 2019 Episode Written Updates Prachi Scolds Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 3 Sept 2019 Episode Written Updates Prachi Scolds Ranbir :- The episode starts with Disha telling Pragya that both you and Abhi are standing on same path do you even know that there is still no one in his life hearing this Pragya starts smiling Disha asks how do you know to which Pragya replied I know if I am not even in his life still he can’t give my place to anyone.


Pragya remembers when her and Abhi went for lunch he gets playful with her she says she came here for lunch. Abhi says so should I stop giving you importance Pragya says know, he says so you want me to flirt with other girls Pragya says alright do it. He takes out his handkerchief throws it at two girls. Out of flashback Disha says I swear Jiju is very naughty asks what happened after that.

Back to flashback girls started fighting over the handkerchief Abhi says if they are fighting thqat much over a handkerchief so how much they will fight over me. Pragya says excuse me the handkerchief for which you both are fighting is of a male to which the girls replied so what male gave female a handkerchief do you understand what this mean Abhi is ours now then starts fighting again.

Girls then take Abhi by his arms and starts fighting Pragya tries to interfere but girls said stay out of it. Abhi gave an idea that for 6 months he will stay with one girl and for the next 6 months he will stay with other. Girls replied we can’t stay 6 months without you so stay for 1 month with each of them. After hearing this both girls agreed. Abhi says there is a confusion who he will stay for first month lets do a toss asks Pragya for coin.

In anger Pragya takes out a knife asks them to leave him says I am his wife girls leaves him. Abhi gave flying kiss to the girls Pragya gets even more angry Abhi says it was you who said do whatever you want. Pragya says what if you get serious with anyone Abhi says I can’t ever give you place to anyone.

Out of flashback Pragya says we both are still alone because we are made for each other. Pragya says to Disha we have to being everything once again and Disha says she hopes you wish comes true.

At Mehra Mansion Ranbir was dancing in his room Aryan came he gave phone to Ranbir and asks him to call Shahana. Shahana gave phone to Prachi she says hello Ranbir says her voice sounds like Prachi. Ranbir as Aryan says to Prachi that if you ever misbehave with Riya again then remember my name Aryan Khanna.

Ranbir says to Aryan have seen you your bother tashan Prachi calls him back Ranbir gets tensed starts sweating Pragya insults Ranbir a lot and calls him idiot. Aryan enjoy Ranbir getting scolded a lot.

Abhi in his room was finding his wallet he sees Pragya picture gets romantic with it thinking about her. Riya was furious that she is not finding a good dress Abhi came there he says wear anything you will look good in it. Mira finds a good dress for Riya after which dress designer says only a mother can understand their chiledren. Riya gets angry says in her childhood her mother left both Abhi and her. Abhi apologized to dress designer.

Pragya was finding the box in her cupboard she was not finding it she gets furious Prachi came she says box fell down and also the photo Pragya says have you seen the photo Prachi replied no wind was blowing fast. Masi came tells Pragya that I will find the photo Pragya says I have seen everywhere. Masi says the photo is definitely of you husband she says even Prachi and Shahana can find about it. Masi says stay calm you will find your husband Pragya thanked Masi.

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