Jun 4, 2020

Kumkum Bhagya 29 Oct 2018 Episode Written Updates Mitali Steals Engagement Ring

Kumkum Bhagya 29 Oct 2018 Episode Written Updates Mitali Steals Engagement Ring :- The episode starts with King asking Abhi have you ever seen a girl like Pragya he said there will never be another one like Pragya and not even a Abhi to which King questioned what you want to say he says I mean that everyone is different. Some guests were seen talking to Neha and Tarun and they were praising Pragya and there King hears their conversation gets happy.

King saw Alia thinks why she has so much attitude he said to Alia what you think about me I am not that kind of a person he takes her to Pragya and asks what kind of a I am Pragya praised King a lot in front of Alia. Pandit Ji came and asked Indu Daasi to bring both Tarun and Neha so they can complete the rituals of engagement ceremony.

Dhol waala came everyone started dancing Mitali was not looking happy, Abhi smiled seeing Pragya and Tanu gets jealous after this Tanu was getting a call from Nikhil she thinks that she will never let anyone to take her place. Mitali thinks that she will never let Neha engagement happening with Tarun she tell Bahadur to bring water and steals the engament ring so the engagement can’t happen.

Pragya asked Neha what happened she says her mother is very angry because she breaks her heart but she loves Tarun after this Pragya convinces Neha that soon Mitali will forget everything and will forgive her. Neha asked Pragya does love increases with time Pragya thinks about Abhi and says it will. Pragya also gives Neha some love tips.

Accidently Pragya bumps into Abhi and he has a basket in his hands which fall Pragya helps Abhi in picking up the stuff Abhi falls yet again Pragya laughs a lot she asks why are you looking at me like this he asks he can watch you like this for life Pragya gives Abhi her hand for help but in return Abhi throws her down and Pragya calls her a Maskhara.

Disha came to call Mitali as she was hiding the ring she disagrees to come down for the function Disha tries a lot to convince her as she says come down just for Neha happiness but she doesn’t agree. Pandit Ji tells King that shubh mahurat of sagai is about to start so he should call everyone he did the same and even asks Mitali to come. Pandit Ji starts rituals Abhi thinks that his and Pragya love remains incomplete but Pragya did good by bringing Neha and Tarun together.

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