Jun 4, 2020

Kumkum Bhagya 26 Oct 2018 Episode Written Updates Abhi Pragya Romantic Dance

Kumkum Bhagya 26 Oct 2018 Episode Written Updates Abhi Pragya Romantic Dance :- The episode starts with Abhi telling Pragya that he will always take care of her because its his right then walks off. Tanu went to King and he says do you want to say anything Tanu says she wants to talk about Abhi & Pragya then thinks about what Abhi says to her then she praised Abhi Pragya in front of King. Tai Ji tells Mitali to be happy and don’t create any drama Indu Daasi calls Mitali while Mitali thinks about what Chachi told her Indu Daasi tells Mitali to hug Chachi after hugging her she whispers in Chachi ears that she hates Tarun more then King.

Pandit Ji tells Indu Daasi that if Mahurat time goes up then there is no Mahurat until next 7 months Chachi hears that. Neha comes and hugs Pragya after which Pragya praises her beauty.Abhi comesand Meets Pragya she says that she want to tell her something but she will tell her later Abhi says are you trying to copy me Pragya smiles.

Purab announces that romantic dance performances will happen on the occasion King says couples will dance like him and Pragya hearing this Tanu gets happy she apologieses to Abhi asked him for dance he says no. Abhi asked Alia for dance she agrees. During dance Abhi and Pragya came close to each other Tanu gets jealous seeing that Alia saw both Pragya and Abhi lost in each other eyes. Tanu thinks that now she should tell King everything.

Tanu went to King to tell everything Alia somehow managed to stop her she says why you did not let me expose Pragya after which Alia says that King will never believe her after which Tanu shows her the picture on her mobile Alia says this is not right as by this Abhi and Pragya will become more close.

Abhi stop Pragya as she was leaving both got emotional he says he knows the truth and can feel it he will not do anything that he will not hurt her he was about to say whats in his heart Pragya stop him and says she knows he doesn’t need to tell her. King came with Sawarni Daasi Abhi cracks some jokes. King says that if you leave someone alone then someone has to accept that.

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