Jun 4, 2020

Kumkum Bhagya 25 Oct 2018 Episode Written Updates Tanu Saw Abhi Pragya Romance

Kumkum Bhagya 25 Oct 2018 Episode Written Updates Tanu Saw Abhi Pragya Romance :- The episode starts with Disha telling Purab that she saw Pragya and Abhi together sharing romantic moments in bedroom while Tanu hears their conversation from behind secretly. Tanu got furious hearing that Pragya is getting close to Abhi again. Meanwhile in Abhi’s bedroom while fighting Pragya and Abhi got romantic once again Tanu saw hem gets jealous. Both got lost in each other eyes.


Tanu takes picture of Pragya in Abhi arms with her mobile and while Pragya was going out of the bedroom Tanu came in her way she grabs her by arms starts fighting with Pragya saying why are you trying to get close to my husband. In her anger Tanu tells Pragya that she wants to have an extra marital affair with Abhi and theatens that she will expose Pragya in front of King.

Pragya says with confidence that King Singh will never doubt her character Tanu still says that she will expose her dirty character in the party tonight and Pragya has to give answer to everyone. After this Pragya tried to stop her that the engagement of Tarun and Neha will get spoiled by this but Tanu did not listened.

Finally Pragya tells Tanu go and do whatever you want to do and tell anyone as no one will believe her Tanu gets furious and went away in anger. Pragya gets tensed. Chachi came with Tarun King attends them Tarun was looking for Neha and King noticed that.

Alia saw Tanu in anger she was about to tell Alia what she saw in bedroom but stopped Pragya saw this from behind gets more tensed. Chachi tells King that she is not happy with this marriage as not only Neha and Tarun but Abhi and Pragya are also connected with this. King tells Chachi that he fully trusts Pragya and soon everything will get alright he gave a cold drink to Chachi.

King and Alia had a face off meanwhile Tanu confronts Abhi regarding Pragya and tells him that today she will tell King everything regarding his affair with Pragya. Alia tells King that you don’t get effected by anything King gave her a befitting reply then tells her that if Pragya likes anyone he will not stop her.

Abhi gets happy in front of Tanu and thanked her saying that indirectly you are helping me to get King out of Pragya life hearing this Tanu gets more furious. After this Abhi tells Tanu that the time has come for him to end this marriage. Pragya gets more tensed hearing their conversation she asks Abhi why are you doing this. Abhi finally shuts her and says that he cares for Pragya a lot and both of them again shared a romantic moment.

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