Kumkum Bhagya 23 Sept 2019 Episode Written Updates Meera Takes Care of Abhi

Kumkum Bhagya 23 Sept 2019 Episode Written Updates Meera Takes Care of Abhi :- The episode starts with Purab thinking that I should not have done this as I went to meet Disha and I actually fought with her. Purab calls Disha then disconnects after this Disha calls Purab but she disconnects. Purab again calls Disha she picks up he says that I called you by mistake. Disha thinks I was always wrong about you seems like I don’t have in my fortune to even talk to Purab. At office Rishi tells Prachi that I should close my eyes as Shahana is angry with me because I am staying in her room. Prachi says Shahana is mad. Ranbir saw Prachi and Rishi talking he gets jealous. Ranbir tells both Prachi and Rishi that I have lots of work for you and then he tells Prachi to come to his cabin.

At Mehra Mansion Meera was waiting on the door for Abhi he tells her to come in the room. Abhi asks Meera to open curtains then Meera says that Rhea party date has sifted because the parents of the person where party was getting organized are coming back. Abhi says that let them organize party here. Abhi says he might have fever he tells Meera to check then Abhi puts her hand on his throat. Meera ran out got romantic thinking about Abhi. Back at office Ranbir scolds Prachi that you come here for work or to talk to Rishi. Prachi praises Rishi in front of Ranbir saying he is decent. Ranbir says I can fire you Prachi says I work for your father not for you but I will leave this job. Ranbir gets more angry.

Back at Mehra Mansion, Meera comes back in Abhi’s room she asks him should I call the doctor Abhi replied good idea. Abhi messaged Vikram that I can’t come to office today as I have fever to which Vikram replied stop maaking dramas. At college a guy was finding Prachi asking everyone about her. His friend came he called him Sanju after which he replied call me Rohit. He says I came here for Prachi from Hoshiarpur and I will take her back. At office Prachi tells Ranbir that papers for tomorrow are ready. Ranbir gave Prachi a chit says I am leaving. Prachi gets bumped into Ranbir papers fall she helped him in picking them. Ranbir leaves after which Prachi says he can’t handle event.

At Mehra Mansion, Meera comes back to Abhi’s room she checks her Abhi changes side while sleeping. Meera puts her hand on his hand Abhi wakes up he asks why your hand was under me. Meera says you changed side. Abhi says go take care of your self otherwise you will get fever too. At Sarita Behen house, Sarita Behen and Prachi were selecting card designs for invitations. Pragya helps them she selects a design and says change its colors to blue and yellow. Prachi says why blue and yellow. Flashback begins Abhi selects a card and tells card maker to put color blue and yellow in it. Pragya says why blue and yellow Abhi replied every color says something as who stays in invitation. Abhi then revealed it was your mother’s suggestion then he gets romantic with Pragya. Back to present Sarita Behen says why blue and yellow then Pragya replied because Blue signifies Freedom, Change and Yellow signifies Optimism and Happiness. Abhi and Pragya in their rooms thinks about each other looking at the moon.

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