Kumkum Bhagya 22 February 2016 Written Updates Abhi Questions Pragya Sarla Gets Her Conscious Back

Kumkum Bhagya 22 February 2016 Written Updates Abhi Questions Pragya Sarla Gets Her Conscious Back :- The much popular Zee TV daily soap Kumkum Bhagya is getting more exciting with every passing episode as there are rumors that Tanu is soon going to get exposed and we may get to see a AbhiGya reunion in the coming few days but as of now we are going to bring you all the exclusive updates of latest ep.


Abhi was seen discussing with Dadi that he is getting tensed by thinking that why Sarla Maa puts his hand on Pragya’s hand and Dadi tells him that because she’s her mother and wants to see her daughter happy. Pragya who was hearing all their conversation tells Abhi that why is he thinking about all this.

In the next scene Abhi was seen sitting alone at a dark place and Pragya came he questions her about whats her truth & reality to which she replied that that he is just taking too much of tension without any reason.

Tanu came to out house and calls Nikhil while Alia was sitting there she asks her for help but Alia refused and asks her to get out. The compounder came and tells Purab that his wife is Pregnant and he wants to see her and he tells him that he will come in the morning.

Nikhil came to Mehra Mansion and starts trying to manipulate whole family by holding them in conversation. He messaged Tanu to go upstairs and kill Sarla Maa. Tanu goes upstairs and enters Sarla Maa’s room and tries to kill her but she got her conscious back and Ronnie reaches the spot and Tanu acts in a strange way.

Ronnie came downstairs and passed the news to the whole family and they went inside Sarla Maa’s room to see her. Nikhil and Tanu gets nervous.

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