Kumkum Bhagya 20 Sept 2019 Episode Written Updates Purab Disha Misunderstanding

Kumkum Bhagya 20 Sept 2019 Episode Written Updates Purab Disha Misunderstanding :- The episode starts with Disha telling Hrithik to grow up she says why did you tell Veronica that you are in love with me. Hrithik says I used your name because she was not ready to break up as I don’t want to marry her. He says because of you my bachelorhood got saved and you can also use my name if you ever want to send any lover away. Disha goes away from there.

At Sarita Behen house, Shahana went to Rishi room says now you are not mine why don’t you fall on him someday. Rishi came and accidently his helmet fell on Shahana feet he says sorry Shahana in return throws helmet on Rishi intentionally then says sorry and says next time I will throw all the things of this room on you and will then say sorry. Shahana says I used to talk to the walls of this room but now you have taken it. Sarita behen came there she says Rishi is she annoying you he says no. Sarita Behen tells Shahana that I will tell you about the planning later.

At Mehra Mansion, Rhea and Priyanka went to Abhi room as they were finding him they called him Abhi came from the dressing room. Rhea and Priyanka takes permission from Abhi to go to party Abhi says to Priyanka no boys from organization. Rhea asks Priyanka who is this guy Priyanka says leave it. Back at Sarita Behen house, Shahana went to Rishi room she says don’t try to be good in front of me. Rishi says I am bad in your eyes but you are good in my eyes this girl is mad.

Puraab stops nears Disha house he rings the bell Hrithik opens he says I know you came here to meet me. Purab says my company Rhythm is organizing an event and I came here for its publicity work. Hrithik gets a call went from there Disha sees Purab and she goes to kitchen. At Sarita Behen house Shahanaa says why Rishi trying to be over sweet and he has captured our room. Prachi says he is innocent Sarita Behen tells Prachi about her fight with Priyanka. Prachi says she apologized thats ok. Sarita Behen and Shahana says we will teach Priyanka a lesson for sure.

Purab at Disha house asked her what Hrithik is doing here she says he is my friend and you are interfering in my life. Disha says I don’t have any problem with Hrithik and then Purab says but I have. Disha says door is there Purab gets out after which Disha feels bad about what she said to Purab. At Sarita Behen house Prachi was going to an event but she forgets her tiffin Pragya tells her to eat almonds then she had a flashback where she was telling Abhi to eat almonds after he forgets his favorite guitar.

Shahana tells Pragya that she wants her room back Praagya tells her I only gave Rishi your room but the place you have in my heart nobody can take it away. Back at Mehra Mansion, Purab saw the ring given to him by Disha then he feels bad about how he behaved with her.

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