May 28, 2020

Kumkum Bhagya 2 Nov 2018 Episode Written Updates Pragya Keeps Karva Chauth Fast

Kumkum Bhagya 2 Nov 2018 Episode Written Updates Pragya Keeps Karva Chauth Fast :- The episode starts with Tai Ji telling Indu Daasi that Mitali is still angry over the engagement with Neha. Indu Daasi and Savarni Daasi tells Tai Ji to scold her as you are her Saas. Disha came there screaming Pragya di is coming Indu Daasi says are you seeing a dream suddenly Pragya came there everyone gets happy. King finds out that Pragya is keeping a fast he gets happy thinking that Pragya observing a fast for him.

Pragya meets Neha and Tarun by mistake Neha says that you kept the first fast for Chucks (Abhi) Pragya went away from there. Disha and Purab shared a romantic moment together. Alia saw them getting romantic and gets jealous Purab says he is also keeping a fast for Disha and Alia gets more furious hearing this she thinks Purab is her property and she will punish Disha.
ndu Daasi says that she is very happy seeing Pragya working in this house after a very long time. Both Abhi and Pragya starts working together. They both start having a cute nok jhok both started blaming each other for various things. Disha was watching them from behind starts laughing suddenly Abhi started praising Pragya beauty as it diverts his attention.

Tanu starts feeling very hungry and thinks she should drink water then she thinks about what Alia said to her and Abhi bringing a gift for Pragya. She thinks she should work outside to divert her mind and doesn’t drink water. Tanu came outside and saw Disha smiling thinks why she is smiling. Pragya and Abhi fight continues he says either fight with me or apologize. She says I will but first close your eyes she says I am Sorry Abhi says never talk like this.

Abhi throws flowers on Pragya King came in between it falls on him Abhi says we are playing catch catch. King says to Savarni Daasi that Pragya is beautiful she says yes she is beautiful but you don’t say this he replied its his right. Tanu thinks that she has to remind Abhi that she is his wife. Both Abhi and Pragya had a romantic eye contact.

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