Kumkum Bhagya 2 February 2017 Wriiten Updates Pragya Cries Abhi Gets Sad

Kumkum Bhagya 2 February 2017 Wriiten Updates Pragya Cries Abhi Gets Sad :- Abhi takes Pragya to the bedroom makes her sit on bed Tanu arrived there and tells him to come out she wants to talk to him alone as she is his future wife he obliges Tanu says why are you ignoring me and tells him not to give too much attention to Pragya. Tanu says tell her to have medicine and she will be alright Abhi went away from there saying I have to put bandage on her hand and goes to Pragya Tanu gets fuming and thinks that I have to separate them.

Kumkum Bhagya Episode 780 Written Updates

Pragya asks Abhi what she said? Abhi says nothing and says he will bandage her hand. Pragya says her wound is fine now. Tanu comes and says she will dressing her wound. Abhi laughs and thanks her for the offer. He does her dressing. Purab comes. Aaliya gets irked seeing him. Purab tells her that you have decorated your bed with thorns and says your life are filled with thorns. She says Pragya di’s kumkum and real love won and your hatred lost. Tanu comes and tells Aaliya that Abhi is taking care of Pragya as if she is heavily injured. Purab asks them to wipe each other tears now and goes.

Tanu thinks to do something to make Abhi realize that Pragya is not suitable for him. She thinks what to do and sees a magazine. She thinks rocky can do this. She says Rocky is the one who introduced Abhi to music world. He will bring Pragya’s truth to Abhi, lower her down. She thinks Rocky will do her work. Rocky comes home and asks anybody is at home. Tanu greets him. Rocky says you are looking good. Aaliya comes and greets him. She asks why did you come early morning. Rocky says Tanu called me and said that the matter is about death and life.

Rocky asks Tanu, what is the surprise? Tanu says Abhi respects you and whatever you tell him is like line on the stone. She says Abhi likes your choice. Rocky says I make him stand what he is today. Tanu says don’t know if his eye is defective or not and tells that Abhi loves behenji Pragya. Rocky says if I am not wrong but she is his wife. Tanu is shocked. She says Abhi lost his memory and got engaged to him.

Rocky says okay. Tanu asks him to make Abhi realize that Pragya is not suitable for him, and even she is not suitable to stand with him. Rocky says I can’t this as I respect woman a lot. Tanu says I am also a woman and asks him to think as if he is returning her life by helping her. Rocky agrees. Tanu thanks him and says you are a sweet heart. Purab hears them. Pragya cries a lot and tells that she is not interesting at all Abhi also gets sad seeing her crying.

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