Kumkum Bhagya 19 Sept 2019 Episode Written Updates Prachi Ranbir Coffee Date

Kumkum Bhagya 19 Sept 2019 Episode Written Updates Prachi Ranbir Coffee Date :- The episode starts with Abhi, Ranbir, Purab and Prachi doing preparations for the event. Abhi tells Prachi to take invitation card maker number from Juhi then they asked Juhi to bring coffee. Juhi says coffee maker is not working Prachi suggests to bring coffee from nearby thela. Ranbir says are you mad Prachi says the real fun of drinking coffee is from thela. Abhi says I have drink coffee from thela in the past.

Purab asks Abhi when did you drink coffee from thela Flashback begins Abhi and Pragya were in the car on road and Abhi wants coffee Pragya saw a roadside thela and says its worlds best coffee. Abhi and Pragya drinks coffee from same glass then Abhi kisses Pragya on lips. Back to present Abhi tells Ranbir and Prachi you guys go enjoy drink coffee from thela. Abhi thinks I drink thela coffee with Pragya and I will not drink it again till the time she won’t drink with me.

At Mehra Mansion both Mitali and Meera were making the preparations in the room for the guests then Mitali asks Meera to eat something Meera says I will eat with Rhea. Mitali says you’ve set your entire schedule around Rhea. Mitali tells Meera to prepare Rhea for the day when her sister comes back because she has to share her father love with her sister. Meera thinks that Rhea sister has to tolerate some anger of Rhea for sure.

Purab, Juhi, Ranbir and Prachi went to drink cofee Prachi brings coffee and gives it to Purab while Juhi gives coffee to Ranbir. Ranbir spills the coffee Prachi ordered one more special coffee for him. Purab and Juhi leaves as they had a meeting with the Verma brothers. Prachi makes Ranbir drink thela coffee as Ranbir had romantic feelings about her.

At office Priyanka asks Rishi to drop him home after some convincing Rishi agrees. At Disha house Disha tells Hrithik to go home, and take care of your life and work. Veronica came and warns Disha to stay away from Hrithik as the day you will tell him you want to marry him he will throw you out of your life. Disha says Veronica we’re just friends. Rishi drops Priyanka she says thanks. Priyanka tries to get close to Rishi but he stops her. Abhi came asks Priyanka about Rishi she says he is just a friend. Abhi thinks I have to check his background.

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