Kumkum Bhagya 18 Sept 2019 Episode Written Updates Pragya Confronts Priyanka

Kumkum Bhagya 18 Sept 2019 Episode Written Updates Pragya Confronts Priyanka :- The episode starts with Purab telling Abhi that if today Pragya Di was with you then your daughters will also be together and also you get to spend quality time with her hearing this Abhi reponds what quality time she had time for everything except me but when I go to her she had no time.

Flashback begins Abhi asks Pragya when will we have kids Pragya says I have a lot of work to do Abhi says lets go to room we will spent quality time hearing this Pragya responds you always think wierd Abhi says how do you know Pragya says I know. Mitali came there she tells Abhi don’t annoy Pragya. Disha tells Abhi to pick Pragya up and take her to room. Abhi picks Pragya up.

Back to present Abhi says she never had time for me I had to ask her for time. Rhea came and takes Purab from there. At Sarita Behen house Rishi gave Shahana handkerchief to her she says in my room there are a lot of things that belong to me and Prachi don’t steal anything Rishi smiles and says you’re very cute. Shahana says don’t try to be too much friendly Rishi says ok. Rishi says I am straight so I don’t use girl things. Shahana says you came here as a guest so behave like a guest after which Rishi says bye.

Shahana says there is a ghost in the room which attack only boys Rishi says did you talk to him Shahana says you called me a Bhootni. Pragya came there Rishi says she said there is a ghost in my room which attack only boys Shahana went from there. Pragya says Rishi you are a very good boy.

At office Ranbir asks Purab for a half day he says no because there is a sudden work pressure so call your dad. Purab went to Abhi cabin he says why did Pragya didn’t come Purab says I talked to her. Abhi calls for an urgent meeting to organize the event and he also calls Meera. Priyanka went to market to buy camera lens with her friends and she bumped into Sarita behen and Sarita behen starts fight with her as the Priyanka calls her buddhi.

Pragya came there and stops Sarita behen. Priyanka insults Sarita behen further in front of Pragya after which Pragya gave her a befitting reply saying its a crime to disrespect senior citizen apologize. Finally Priyanka apologizes. Priyanka went from there without buying the lens.

Ranbir saw Rishi and Prachi talking to each other gets jealous says I am the boss here so I will introduce all of you to each other. Abhi came there and briefs everyone about event says Ranbir will head it. Priyanka came late and she says Rishi when I was not here did you missed me Rishi says yes Priyanka gets happy. Sarita Behen calls Rishi and tells him about what happened in the market Shahana hears about all this from behind. Sarita Behen makes a deal with Shahana to bring that girl to her in return she will get anything she asks for.

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