Jan 26, 2020

Kumkum Bhagya 18 Oct 2019 Episode Written Updates Alia Manipulates Rhea

Kumkum Bhagya 18 Oct 2019 Episode Written Updates Alia Manipulates Rhea :- The episode starts with Ranbir asking Vikram that why is his heart beating so fast to which Vikram replied because he has seen a beautiful girl and he needs to remember her face. Ranbir remembers Prachi. Ranbir goes from there without telling Vikram about the girl. Back at Mehra Mansion Priyanka thinks what Pragya said to her regarding her obsession about Rishi. Priyanka then thinks that her daughter is the same Prachi whom Rhea hates and now she will destroy Prachi life by the hands of Rhea and then ask Pragya how she feels now.

Priyanka knocks on Rhea door and she saw the picture of Prachi in Rhea mobile. Priyanka tells Rhea that I have a plan then she asks do you know any guy who likes Prachi. Rhea tells Priyanka about Sanju then she tells Priyanka that Abhi should not find about it as he likes Prachi a lot. At office Vikram tells Abhi that Anuradha Ji (Pragya) told him that Rhea has the same qualities like her husband.

Priyanka tells Rhea about the whole plan. Rhea says are you insane I am bad but not evil. Priyanka says this world makes you evil I will not judge you but don’t tell anyboy about it otherwise I will tell everyone that you love Ranbir then she laughs and says don’t worry Ranbir will love Prachi. Rhea thinks that I may have made mistakes in life but I am not a bad girl.

At office Purab tells Abhi that Alia came back. Abhi says that she has camera in her eyes be careful. Alia was crying in her room Rhea came and asks Alia what happened. Alia tells Rhea that Purab is having second thoughts about our marriage. Alia then manipulates Rhea about Pragya.

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