Kumkum Bhagya 17 September 2015 Episode 376 Written Update Abhi & Pragya

The Episode 376 of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Tanu asking Aaliya to call that woman whogave them business proposal. Aaliya asks her to have some patience. Tanu says one day she will become patient. She says we shall inform Raj. Aaliya says no and says we will not inform him.


Bulbul tells Pragya that she will leave now and asks her to message whenever she talked to Aaliya again on phone. Sarla is going from there after buying vegetables, but didn’t see them together. Dadi asks Pragya not to call or message her as Dasi is always with her. They laugh. Pragya hugs Bulbul twice and says she misses Sarla. Pragya and Dadi leaves. Sarla turns and sees Bulbul waving bye. She scolds her and asks to come.

Purab praises Abhi’s song scratch and says it is too good. Abhi says he has composed bad song scratch for Pragya, and says it is his choice to sing the song. He sees Payal with Ronnie playing a game on mobile and threatens to fire from the job. Payal apologizes to him. He asks where is Pragya? Ronnie says she went out. He says I will do whatever Didi says. Abhi thinks he heard this line somewhere. Purab says he has changed the line. Abhi asks him to go. Aaliya and Tanu come there. Purab says Abhi made scratch music and we are going for party. Tanu insists to hear his music. Abhi asks her to come.

Mitali tells Raj that she is fasting. Raj says this is not possible. Mitali says she is fasting as Rita Maa asked her to keep fast. Raj says Rita Maa is depended on you for money and asks what did you give her. Mitali says 3000 Rs. He leaves. Mitali thinks she will get her fruit and then she will make Aaliya and Tanu believe her.

Pragya calls Aaliya again, with a changed voice. Aaliya accepts the deal with a condition, and says my name should not come infront of anyone. Pragya asks her not to take tension. Aaliya asks for advance. Pragya says okay, she will send someone with money. She tells Dadi that Aaliya is trapped. Dadi asks her to be careful and not make any mistake. Pragya goes to arrange the money.

Tanu gets happy and says we will get 10 crores rupees. Aaliya asks Tanu to bring money and she will get scratch music. Tanu thinks if Pragya comes there, she will slap her hard again. She tells Aaliya that she will get the money and asks her to steal scratch music CD. Aaliya agrees.

Abhi thinks to keep his music at safest place. Aaliya comes and asks him to give CD so that she takes it to office. Abhi says okay and gives music CD in her hand. Pragya comes and says this music will be processed when I hears it. She plays the recording and wears the headphone. Abhi asks how dare you to judge my music, without knowing anything about my music. She says not bad, and asks Aaliya to take care of her property. Abhi says you don’t know anything about Saregama and acting as you knows it. Pragya says it is her property. She thinks she wanted to hear his song. She thinks she won’t separate him with his music and can’t hurt him.

Tanu brings the money, and gets happy. She asks Aaliya to fix meeting with that woman and gives her scratch. Aaliya says Pragya gave this CD to her and will ask in the morning. She says we can’t spend the money until this deal is done.

Pragya asks Abhi, don’t you want to sleep? She asks what you were doing? Abhi says I thought I got my fuggi back at one point, and asks what you will do with this money? Pragya says there is so much to do, I will buy big cars, will go on a world tour……..etc. Allah Wariyan plays… Abhi says you could have done this being with me Pragya gets emotional as he holds her hand.

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