Kumkum Bhagya 17 Sept 2019 Episode Written Updates Ranbir Gets Wet in Rain

Kumkum Bhagya 17 Sept 2019 Episode Written Updates Ranbir Gets Wet in Rain :- The episode starts with Ranbir driving in the rain he takes an umbrella and comes out of the car. Ranbir recalls what Prachi told him about getting wet in the rain to feel it. Ranbir throws umbrella away and gets wet in the rain. Rhea comes there with an umbrella and she asks what the hell is wrong with you as you will get fever in this dirty water Ranbir finally goes inside with Rhea.

Back at Sarita Behen house Pragya offers Paneer to Risahi seeing this Shahana gets jealous and she tells Prachi from the time Rishi came here he is getting all the attention. Shahana says even Pragya is treating her like a son-in-law. Prachi tells her to keep quiet Shahana says you won’t see anything as you’re lost in someone love Prachi thinks about Ranbir.

Prachi says there is nothing like that Shahana says I don’t know anything I just want my room back. Pragya tells Rishi that tomorrow I will pay you a visit in your office and will tell Purab to be strict with you. Pragya thinks that she will ask Purab about her other daughter and Abhi.

Back at Mehra Mansion, Daljeet and Pallavi were giving Steam to Ranbir and he was getting annoyed he thinks that he needs to get them away somehow. Ranbir finally manages to get both Pallavi and Daljeet away by making some dramas. Ranbir saw Abhi eating ice cream in the dark then Abhi also feeds him some Ranbir coughs.

Abhi tells Ranbir that I know you are in love with someone thats why you were getting wet in the rain he asks her about the name of the girl Ranbir thinks about Rhea. Swarni Dadi came she says don’t eat ice cream at night. Abhi shares with Ranbir the symptoms of love. Aryan comes Ranbir says lets play video game. Shahana questions Prachi and Aryan questions Ranbir about what they are thinking in their rooms.

At Mehra Mansion, In the sleep Ranbir hugs Aryan thinking about Prachi says Achi Baarish Aryan gets up. Rhea in her room sees rain from window and had romantic feelings about Ranbir. Purab knocks Abhi room he makes him meet Priyanka they got happy. Abhi calls Manjeet Dasi and she tells Abhi that Priyanka will now stay with you. Purab tells Abhi that Priyanka will work with him in the office. Abhi thinks that if Rhea big sister was with her then they would have enjoyed a lot as they don’t need any friend Purab agrees.

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