Kumkum Bhagya 16 September 2015 Episode 375 Written Update Abhi & Pragya

The Episode 375 of Kumkum Bhagya begins with Abhi laughing at Pragya’s exercise techniques. Pragya asks him to watch her and tries to lift the heavy dumb bells. Abhi gets surprised to see her lifting dumb bells till her shoulder. Abhi asks how can you lift it? Pragya says I have the power of money, so I can do anything. I was weak before. She says I like people who exercises in the money, but don’t like people who waste time. She asks him to get ready and come. Abhi looks at her dumb bells. Pragya asks him to get ready fast and leaves. Abhi thinks how can she lift it? He picks the dumb bell and sees it and finds out that they are fake and actually very light in weight. He is surprised and asks Robin for his coffee.


Dadi and Dasi decorate the inhouse temple. Dasi says why God don’t listen to us and asks him to bring peace in house. Aaliya comes and calls for Robin. Abhi asks where is my coffee. Dasi jokes and asks them to do Robin’s name Keertan. Abhi sees Pragya’s PA Ronnie holding tea tray. He says he made it and says Didi asked to do work by themselves. He asks him to asks his assistant Payal aka Chhan Chhan to make coffee, but drinks at his own risk. He says it was not tasty when she made it for Ronnie. Abhi asks Aaliya to make coffee for him. Dadi asks her to make it for her bhai. Tanu asks her to make juice and then seeing her angry, she goes with her to help her. Aaliya says she wanted to drink green tea and now have to made coffee. She says she don’t have money else would have get Pragya’s shot by hiring goons.

Pragya, Dadi and Bulbul are in the restaurant. Pragya says our plan flopped. She says we couldn’t find out about the person helping Aaliya. We couldn’t find out about father of Tanu’s baby. A man sitting signs Pragya. Bulbul asks her to change place, and sees the man trying to flirt her. Bulbul asks what happened and scares him. She asks Pragya to tell about her day. Pragya tells about shocking Abhi by holding the fake dumb bells. Bulbul says she got the idea.

Abhi asks Payal to get heavy weight dumb bells made. Purab comes. Abhi asks her to be alert.

Purab arrives and asks what is happening? Abhi says leave it, and says he will sing a song which will make everyone go crazy. He says he wants a good environment and same friends. Purab asks what is your plan? Abhi says I want to teach a lesson to Pragya. He says he will be making two music scratch, and one he will give to Pragya. He says he will open a company in his name, and give 30% to the singer. Purab says what if Pragya gets to know about it? Abhi says he knows her weakness and says he will surprise Dadi.

Bulbul gives the script to Pragya and asks her to talk in any accent. Aaliya plans to sell the jewellery to hire a lawyer. Tanu says it is gifted by Abhi and he will feel bad. Aaliya says she wants to get rid of Pragya. She gets a call and Pragya introduces herself as Meena Kumari. She tells her boss wants to expand his businss and wants to convert his black money into white. Aaliya says I am not interested. Pragya asks her to give one scratch of Abhi so that they can record a song. She says we will give 10 crores rupees for this. Aaliya is surprised and happy.

Pragya says I can give you 2 lakhs in advance. Aaliya asks are you joking? Pragya says we will know how Abhi makes music, and we will also make changes and do the work. Pragya says we can hire someone. Bulbul says we can’t hire and trust someone. She says we have to make sure Aaliya don’t get a chance to be saved.

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