Jan 27, 2020

Kumkum Bhagya 16 Oct 2019 Episode Written Updates Abhi Purab Drunk Dance

Kumkum Bhagya 16 Oct 2019 Episode Written Updates Abhi Purab Drunk Dance :- The episode starts with Rhea telling Ranbir that her finger is waiting that when he will break Prachi heart and puts ring in her finger. Rhea asks Ranbir whats the status to which he replied he needs one more day. Abhi and Purab in their drunk state at a bar shares their romantic feelings about Pragya and Disha in front of people sitting there. Both Abhi and Purab danced on Bala Bala song in front of people.

Back to Sarita Behen house Sarita Behen tells Madhu to work fast Prachi came there asks where is Pragya to which Sarita Behen replied she is sleeping. Rishi came asks Nani do you need any help. Pragya came and says lets go Prachi she says I have some work to do. Sarita Behen says then who will accompany me Rishi says I will go.

At office Abhi comes with Vikram and puts hand on Purab shoulder. Purab says remove your hand Vikram says what happened Abhi says that yesterday we went to a bar and Purab got drunk after which he starts dancing on the table. Pragya came with Prachi at office and then they both split up as Pragya makes some excuse. Pragya asks peon about who asks him that sir called Rishi he says Priyanka. Pragya thanked peon for the help.

Alia comes back at Mehra Mansion Rhea saw her she was so happy then both Alia and Pallavi starts pulling Rhea leg that she has fallen in love with someone. Alia thinks I hope Rhea is not in love with some stupid poor fellow I should find out who he is. Back at office Purab saw Pragya he tells her that Abhi misses her a lot Pragya says I miss him a lot too. Pragya says after coming here now I am more confident that Rishi is innocent as he is being framed.

Alia saw Disha picture in her room lying on the floor and she gets very angry. Pragya tells Purab we will meet again. Vikram praises Prachi in front of Pragya she asks him Is Mr Mehra here he says yes Pragya says I want to meet him. Vikram comes at Abhi cabin as Abhi was talking to the lawyer. Vikram says Abhi I have a surprise for you Abhi says I can’t come. Alia asks Purab why are you so tensed why you left me at hotel alone while I was sleeping.

Alia puts her engagement ring in Purab finger and went from there saying have a nice day love. Vikram asks Pragya you have a wonderful equation with Rhea how to which Pragya replied that Rhea has the same qualities like her husband.

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