Apr 3, 2020

Kumkum Bhagya 10 Sept 2019 Episode Written Updates Abhi Chases Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya 10 Sept 2019 Episode Written Updates Abhi Chases Pragya :- The episode starts with Prachi telling Rhea that she wants to talk about something important to her. Rhea friends came Prachi saays that she saw Ranbir telling you I and Rhea tells her friends to go out. Prachi tells Rhea that Ranbir doesn’t deserve you as he is a bad guy Rhea thinks that Prachi doesn’t like Ranbir at all. Smuggler boss tells goon to kidnap Pandit Ji daughter and he shows him her photo.

Abhi saw Pragya taking taxi outside hospital he tried to follow her but traffic police stop him from taking u-turn. Abhi follows Pragya on foot but fell down Pragya suspects that Abhi was following her. Rhea tries to praise a lot about Ranbir in front of Prachi says whoever girl will marry him will be lucky but Prachi warns Rhea about Ranbir then she left.

Goon tells Pandit Ji that you’re being called inside but Pandit ji says there are a lot of Bhakts here I can’t come but goon lied saying Abhi called him and Pandit ji went with goon. Abhi on the road thought why Pragya didn’t stop is she still angry with him. Abhi had a flashback in which he was teaching Pragya how to drive but Pragya failed to learn then in anger Pragya says car is the worst cycle is the best.

Back at Mehra Mansion Pandit Ji was going with Goon and suddenly Mala fell down Pandit Ji says its a bad omen. Goon puts knife on Pandit Ji throat and takes him to the store room where he meets Smuggler boss. Pandit Ji saw his daughter Naina tied there. Smuggler boss says you have to do one thing for us and we will give you your daughter back. Prachi and Ranbir had a funny argument and Prachi tells Ranbir to leave Rhea alone. Meera had a suspicion that something is happening in the store room. Walking on the road Abhi thinks about the romantic moments he spent with Pragya.

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