Kumkum Bhagya 10 February 2016 Written Updates Abhi Pragya Search For Sarla Tanu Blackmailed Again

Kumkum Bhagya 10 February 2016 Written Updates Abhi Pragya Search For Sarla Tanu Blackmailed Again :- In Zee TV’s famous daily soap Kumkum Bhagya lead protagonist Pragya’s mother Sarla got kidnapped by Tanu’s boyfriend Nikhil and Abhi & her Fuggi started searching for her but will they succeed or not we will soon find out in the coming episodes of KKB.


Pragya asks Purab if goons kidnapped Sarla, Abhi comes into room by that time. He asks who could have done the kidnapping? Abhi says he’s around and won’t let anything happen to Sarla, says he complained to police & wants to help out. Abhi tells Daadi to come home, Pragya says she will come soon, needs to check out some more places. Abhi is disturbed for Pragya. He doesn’t understand why Pragya is so inconsistent. Daadi tells him she is all alone w/o Bulbul & Sarla.

Abhi says if Daadi says he is clean hearted, Pragya must be too. Daadi tells Abhi Bhagwaan & faith will solve their problems. Pragya is worried about Tanu kidnapping Sarla. She says they have to keep a watch on Tanu, be sensible with next steps. Next day: Daadi is distracted. Raj doesn’t come home overnight, Mitali calls, he declines. Calls from Rachu’s phone, picks up. Pragya says she wants to see Tanu before calling. Purab proposes video call recording Tanu as Pragya calls her. Hides.

Tanu tells Pragya the real blackmailer has been caught & threatens her. Tanu thinks to herself that Sarla isn’t blackmailer. She calls Nikhil, he says his hunch is confirmed & tells her to meet up with him at 7pm. Purab almost gets caught by Tanu. Abhi tells himself Pragya is upset about her mum & he can’t bring up the divorce yet. Pragya walks into the room & sees him.

She wonders if hes upset about her mother or something else. He sees her & asks if there’s any update on Sarla’s whereabouts. Abhi tells her not to worry, he has talked to a commissioner. Pragya acknowledges him and walks out of room. Abhi sits down. He thinks to himself that he should keep Pragya in a good mood. He then takes out his phone. Tanu is tense. It’s 5:30 only.

Daadi is anxious, Purab tries make her feel better. She asks for Pragya & Pragya cheers Daadi up by scaring Tanu about parcel. Mitali comes around to take parcel, Tanu argues with her. Pragya instigates them more & Tanu gives in to Mitali. Abhi calls commissioner yelling about lack of news. He says “please hurry up with investigation, that’s my mom.”

Mitali drops off package, and Tanu comes in to try & collect it. Abhi catches her, Pragya & Purab watch in hiding. He yells He opens package wondering who it is. A black box falls on the floor. He looks at it in shock, and the episode ends.

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