Jan 27, 2020

Kumkum Bhagya 1 Nov 2018 Episode Written Updates Abhi Buys Ring for Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya 1 Nov 2018 Episode Written Updates Abhi Buys Ring for Pragya :- The episode begins with Pragya taking care of Kiara and then Chachi confronts Pragya saying that you are absolutely wrong as you get effected by Mehra family name so much all you want to is to come close to Abhi. She says Abhi daadi savarni sent sargi to Pragya while on other hand Tanu confronts Savarni daadi why you sent sargi to Pragya as I am Abhi wife. Savarni daadi gave a befitting reply to Tanu hearing which Tanu threatens Daadi to which Daadi says she will call Pragya.

Pragya tells Chachi that Savarni daadi sent sargi because she loves her if she ever wants to go from here then no one can stop her Chanchi says not even King she says King will not stop her. Kiara came and Pragya went to make her sleep. Chachi thinks that she will find the truth no matter what and will make Pragya life hell.

Tanu comes to Alia and tells her what Savarni daadi did Alia gave her some advice to pretend that she has lost she will find her victory in that itself. Abhi went to buy a ring for Pragya he chose a beautiful one for her then he thinks he bought the ring but whether he will be able to make Pragya wear it or not.

Neha meets Disha and she says that she is very hungry Disha says to think what you will do after marriage thats it she says she will call Pragya to come for Karva Chauth as well. Pragya and King had a funny conversation on Karva Chauth. Abhi came with a jewellery bag it fell down Tanu gets it Abhi tells its a Karva Chauth gift for someone Tanu thinks its for her gets happy.

Tanu tells that Abhi bought gift for her Alia says she is thinking the complete opposite. Later Tanu had a fight with Bahadur over breakfast Alia came there stop her Alia tells Tanu to keep fast for Abhi as she has to do drama as this is the only way to separate Abhi and Pragya its the only way for her to win.

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