Jun 1, 2020

KKB Kumkum Bhagya 5 Dec 2016 Episode Written Updates Al;ia Tanu Threatens Doctor

KKB Kumkum Bhagya 5 Dec 2016 Episode Written Updates Al;ia Tanu Threatens Doctor :- The doctor hired by Alia and Tanu decides to tell Abhi the whole truth regarding Pragya pregnancy drama Abhi was tensed and was thinking that he should find out about who is behind everything bad that has happened to Pragya in the past few days even Dadi encourage him and tells him that Pragya loves him a lot more than a boss and a friend he says you are too much filmy she says don’t believe me but soon you will find out.


Kumkum Bhagya Episode 727 Written Updates

Abhi saw Pragya outside his bedroom he asks her what he meant to her she saw a cockroach they both got scared fell into each other arms Tanu saw them in a romantic position gets jealous Abhi tells Pragya that I promise that I will never make you cry again. Abhi tells Purab that he wants to find the culprit eagerly and Aaliya overhears him. She panics and decides to do something about it. She bumps into Tanu who decides to tell her what she overheard and they start bickering.

Aaliya tells Tanu what she overheard and Tanu asks her to call the doctor asking her to leave the town. Aaliya calls the doctor, who doesn’t answer the calls. They decide to go to the clinic before Abhi reaches there Purab also motivates Abhi to find the actual culprit behind all this drama he also tells him that it could be someone from the house.

Aaliya and Tanu reach the doctor’s house and see a maid opening the door. They get in before the maid closes the door and check the entire house for her. They find her in the bedroom and Aaliya forbids her from saying anything to Abhi. The doctor gets angry when Aaliya threatens to destroy her clinic and tells her that she will tell Abhi the truth no matter what.

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