KKB Kumkum Bhagya 14 Dec 2016 Episode Written Updates Pragya Cries Holding Abhi Hand

KKB Kumkum Bhagya 14 Dec 2016 Episode Written Updates Pragya Cries Holding Abhi Hand :- Pragya calls the police and informs them about the robbers at the jewellery shop their boss blamed Pragya for ruining their plan and says now he will kill her he was about to shoot her but suddenly he hears something and goes away then he again came back to shoot her but Abhi came in between and he gets shot seeing which Pragya cried a lot Ambulance arrived she took her to hospital crying because his health is critical.


Kumkum Bhagya Episode 734 Written Updates

Alia asking Doctor to give best treatment to Abhi and nothing should happen to him. Pragya says Doctor assured her that he will take out bullet easily. Alia blames Pragya for calling Police and angering the goons. She accuses her for landing Abhi in this condition. Pragya says no and is in shock. Alia says you do same things everytime. She says Dadi says that Savitri takes back her husband’s life from Yamraj, but you are the one who forced her husband to go in death’s mouth.

Pragya says I don’t want this. Alia says you wants him to die and that’s why acts. She asks why do you act? If you really love him then why couldn’t see his happiness. She calls her selfish and makes her emotional with her fake tears. She says you knows that his life is in danger if you stays with him, but then also you stays with him and says my kumkum, my husband, my destiny etc.

Purab comes to the blood bank and comes to know that O negative blood is not available. He asks how can blood be not available in a bank. He gets a thought that even his blood is O negative. Mitali and Tai ji gossip about Abhi and Pragya, while they are at Dadi’s bed side. Dadi gets up and insists to go to hospital to see Abhi.

Taya ji says Aaliya and Pragya will see Abhi. Dadi says she can’t sit here. Tai ji asks her to stay at home. Dadi says I have to go for Pragya also, and says last time I had blamed her, but this time I will make her understand that she is not responsible for his condition.

In the ICU Pragya holds Abhi’s hand and begins to cry she says whenever I get close to you your life gets in danger I am not good for ever and I am nothing to you I will leave you forever.

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