Apr 4, 2020

KKB Kumkum Bhagya 12 Dec 2016 Episode Written Updates Goons Puts Pragya on Gun Point

KKB Kumkum Bhagya 12 Dec 2016 Episode Written Updates Goons Puts Pragya on Gun Point :- Alia went to the doctor clinic and threatens her to keep her mouth shut otherwise she has to face severe consequences for opening her mouth and telling her brother the truth but doctor says she will reveal whole reality in front of Abhi Alia says ok do whatever you want but only your life will get ruined as Abhi is my brother and Tanu lover so he will forgive both of us but you will go to jail.


Kumkum Bhagya Episode 732 Written Updates

Abhi reaches the place with Purab but doctor runs away from there later Alia reveals to Tanu that she make the doctor run away and praises herself. Next day Abhi wants to go for shopping to buy Tanu mangalsultra and wants to take Nikita with her she refuses Alia says go with him being his secretery.

At Jewellary shop Goons came for Robbery but Pragya manages to fail them by calling the police and informing them about all this Goon blames Pragya for their unsuccessful robbery. Other goon says they shall kill her Abhi thinks Pragya and Tanu are both in danger Tanu asks Abhi to save her Abhi says I will save you and asks her not to take tension He tells Pragya that he will save her also. Goon asks him if he is filmy hero and came to save everyone.

Inspector asks Constables to take positions and asks Goons to surrender as the shop is surrounded by Police. Goon says we are caught, thinks what to do. Inspector says you will have less punishment if you surrender. Goon says he must be Inspector Prabhat. Purab comes there and asks Inspector to understand that goons can do anything.

Purab says my sister and friend are inside. Inspector asks him to co- operate and not to worsen the situation. Goon tells Pragya that he was making this plan since 3 months and says now he will kill her. One of the goon points gun towards Pragya head Sarla kisses Pragya photo frame and it falls from her hand and breaks she gets shocked.

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