Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 6 December 2016 Episode Written Updates Malaika Speaks Against Tanuja

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 6 December 2016 Episode Written Updates Malaika Speaks Against Tanuja :- Tanuja makes a fake pregnancy plan to trap Malaika and expose her truth in front of everyone also at the same time she is making a place for herself in Rishi’s heart. Rishi started caring for her and she questions him that you stay close to me even in front of Malaika what if she feels bad he says the people I love I care for them without worrying about anyone else.


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Malaika went to Rano and starts manipulating her against Tanuja she says that Tanuja is pregnant from last 1 and a half month before she got married to RishI hearing which Rano says that the child Tanuja is carrying in her womb doesn’t belong to Rishi and is someone else Rano says Tanuja married Rishi because she wants to give her illegitimate child Rishi name.

Malaika goes to Tanuja and starts continuously taunting her an angry Tanuja raises her hand to slap her but Rano holds her hand from behind and says don’t you ever dare to slap Malaika again Rano than abuses Tanuja and she started crying Ahana watches the whole incident and consoles Tanuja saying that I see image of my dead sister Tanu in you.

Both Tanuja and Ahana started crying together Ahana then asks Tanuja tell me the truth that this pregnancy is fake or tell me that this child belongs to Rishi then Tanuja replied at this point of time I can’t answer any of your question Ahana went away. Malaika went to Rishi and told him that Tanuja will spoil your life but he has not listened to her as Malaika hates Tanuja a lot.

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