Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 5 December 2016 Episode Written Updates Malaika Taunts Tanuja Ahana Watches

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 5 December 2016 Episode Written Updates Malaika Taunts Tanuja Ahana Watches :- Tanuja asks Rishi that isn’t he afraid of Malaika now a days as before he stays away from her when Malaika was around but now he remain close even in front of her she says she may gues whats in his heart Rishi asks Tanuja you tell me whats in my heart Rishi says he does what he likes he loves Tanu and in the same way cares for her too with thinking about Malaika.


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Manpreet came to Tanuja and tells her that he is with her one day definitely Rishi will realize his love for her she gets happy knowing this he says he is with his brother and sees Tanu bhabhi in her. Malaika tells Rano that Tanuja is pregnant from last 1.5 month and that time she was not married to Rishi. Rano thinks that Tanuja is carrying someone else child and wants to give him Rishi name.

Malaika comes to question Tanuja why she didn’t share with her she could have found her another house Tanuja was shocked to hear and when Malaika accuses her mother she raises her hand to slap Rano stop her and holds her hand from behind scolding her to dare raise a hand over Malaika. Rano curses her to be bad blooded Ahana was worried as Tanuja cries because of Rano’s accusations.

Ahana tells Tanuja that she sees image of her dead sister Tanu in her she says that she is aware of the fact that Tanu will never return back but her every truth somewhat connects her with Tanu they both cried Ahana requests Tanuja to share the truth no matter what people say but she wants to know the truth if she has a shadow of Tanu only she believes Tanuja can never do this Ahana further promises to be with her and requests her to say this is a lie and even if this is true she must say this is Rishi’s child Tanuja says she is sorry but she has no replies to Ahana right now.

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